Myanmar : Karenni forces occupy the state police headquarters in Loikaw city Myanmar : Karenni forces occupy the state police headquarters in Loikaw city

Myanmar : Karenni forces occupy the state police headquarters in Loikaw city

2023.  we met on December 10th. Progressive Karenni People Force -

Karenia State, A Karenni military spokesman told RFA that the Karenni Revolutionary Joint Forces have captured the provincial police headquarters in Loikaw today, December 10.

The Progressive Karenni People Force (PKPF) News and Information Department also announced that they were able to seize the state police chief's office.

A Karenni military spokesman, who did not want to be named, told RFA that details of the casualties and arrests of military council soldiers and policemen, who were captured this morning, were not yet known.

"I can confirm that the state police was able to seize it. I was able to collect it this morning. I can't say the details yet. Being able to seize this police station, which is under the military council's internal affairs, was able to demolish a support pillar of the military council."

The Karenni Revolutionary Army is the administration of the state, He said that the attack was focused on the judiciary and the law enforcement mechanism, and the seizure of the state police station was an important action.

He also urged the military council soldiers and the police to switch sides instead of killing for the minority because the law and order of the military council in Kayah state (Kareni state) has already been seriously damaged.

On this day, December 10, when the provincial police headquarters was occupied, the main market of Loikaw City, Sri Muyam Market, was destroyed by a shell.

The military council has yet to issue a statement regarding the situation in Loikko town today, and RFA contacted Kayah state spokesperson for Social Affairs Minister U Myint Kyi by phone, but was unable to get in touch.

In Kayah State (Karenyi State), the Karenni Army (KA), which started operations under the name of One Four, started on November 11th. Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF); Karenni Multinational People's Liberation Front (KNPLF); Die Mosso People's Defense Force DMO Local PDF, Urban Revolutionary Front (URF); The PDF battalions of the Central Division of the Shan Mountain Military Region and the Karenni Military Region joined together.

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