The Vice President reminded that knowledge in the hands of dirty-hearted people could be dangerous The Vice President reminded that knowledge in the hands of dirty-hearted people could be dangerous

The Vice President reminded that knowledge in the hands of dirty-hearted people could be dangerous

The Vice President reminded that knowledge in the hands of dirty-hearted people could be dangerous

Jakarta - Indonesian Vice President Ma'ruf Amin reminded that knowledge is only a tool, which, if in the hands of people with dirty hearts, could be dangerous.

This was conveyed by the Vice President in his remarks when attending the Inauguration and Working Meeting of the Nahdlatul Ulama Scholars Association (ISNU) in Surabaya, East Java, Saturday, as witnessed online from Jakarta.

"Knowledge is just a tool. So, the important thing is that those who have knowledge must have a clean soul. If their soul is dirty, knowledge can be misused and the danger posed by people who have knowledge, but whose heart is dirty, the danger is greater," said Vice President.

The Vice President said that Nahdlatul Ulama as a large organization has a big responsibility in matters of public, national and humanitarian matters, including contributing to creating human resources who are knowledgeable but have a clean heart.

On the other hand, the Vice President emphasized that the Nahdlatul Ulama Scholars Association (ISNU) must continue to be NU's strength in creating sustainable improvements in the knowledgeable and clean-hearted human resources sector.

On this occasion the Vice President also reminded that NU's responsibility is not only to the people and nation, but also to the world. This is reflected in the Nahdlatul Ulama symbol, namely a world covered in mines.

According to the Vice President, the NU symbol shows that the NU framework concept is not only for the people and nation, but also for the world or globally.

Ma'ruf Amin said there were several major global challenges facing the nation, namely war, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic which has not yet completely ended, and rapid technological progress and the use of artificial intelligence which must be balanced with effective policies.

"This is the problem we are facing. The main capital to answer this problem is capable human resources . NU must take a role here because NU is a big organization and has big responsibilities, both public, national and humanitarian," he explained.

About 20,000 people in North U had to flee in advance because of the news of the battle

Rakhine state Due to the news that there will be a fight in North Oo town, since December 21st, almost half of the people living in the city's neighborhoods have fled in advance, according to the residents and social assistance workers in North Oo town.

South of North Oo City, new city Lucky It is said that almost half of the people living in the city, including the majority of residents in Shwetaung and Khataeng neighborhoods, fled in advance.

A resident of the new town, who did not want to be named due to security reasons, told RFA that almost everyone in the town had fled, but he would only leave if he was forced to because there was nowhere to run to.

"Many people have fled in the city. They also run in this neighborhood. They also ran in our neighborhood. If you say, where is the side of my house? There is no one on the right. If so, I don't know where to run to escape. The last situation. We are in a situation where we will have to leave this place immediately. There is no place to run.”

2014 According to the census, nearly 40,000 people live in North Oo City, so currently about 20,000 people are fleeing.

"We don't want there to be a fight in the city, and both sides arrest people, I don't want to kill either."

A political activist, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA that if a fight breaks out, the military council forces target civilians, so they have to flee in advance.

"If there is an armed struggle, those who remain in the struggle, All the people in that area were hostile to all, and then it became a kind of total destruction. They don't care about the lives of the people. There are thoughts that all of them will be destroyed, and many local residents are worried that there will be more townships like Phongtaw."

He also said that he is worried because if there is a battle in the north, the ancient heritage may be damaged.

A resident of North U, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA that there was an uproar in Taung Rak neighborhood on December 21, but that things are calm now.

"It's a neighborhood near the main road and the market. In the South District, it became quite active. It's not like that on the ULA side, so people are a little relieved. Today, there is no chaos. That day, they ran there, run here Human news, These people ask, get ready Rent a car and it's a bit of a shake-up."

A monk who spends his time in the city of North Oo said that he did not want a fight to happen in the city, as both sides arrested the people. He said that he did not want to kill.

"We want the fighting to be only in places. In addition to this, arresting innocent people, Urine I don't want to kill them. That's what U Zin wants to demand from both sides. The situation in the city is now with fear, I walk with anxiety. I saw the movements of both armies. Not on the surface.”

Neither the Rakhine Army (AA) nor the Military Council have made any statement regarding the situation in North Oo, and RFA contacted Rakhine State Attorney General U Hla Thein, the military council's spokesman, by telephone, but there was no response.

General Zaw Min Tun, who was authorized to speak for the military council, said that the cultural heritage temple in North Oo City, Between the pagodas, the AA fortifications, On December 14, Myanmar Light newspaper said that they fired at temporary locations.

According to the December 13 statement of the three twin alliances, a battle took place in the north for a few minutes, and the military council's airstrike destroyed the ancient historical pagoda, It is stated that some of the temples have been destroyed.

North Oo City is an ancient historical city as well as the last capital of the Rakhine people.

When a proposal was submitted for the official recognition of the ancient heritage built by successive Rakhine kings as a world cultural heritage, the locals said that they were worried that the ancient heritage would be destroyed due to the fighting.
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