Egypt responds to Netanyahu regarding the Philadelphia axis: We control our borders and control them Egypt responds to Netanyahu regarding the Philadelphia axis: We control our borders and control them

Egypt responds to Netanyahu regarding the Philadelphia axis: We control our borders and control them

Egypt responds to Netanyahu regarding the Philadelphia axis: We control our borders and control them

Cairo responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statements regarding the Philadelphia border axis with Egypt, stressing that it "controls its borders (with the Gaza Strip) and controls them completely."

This came according to statements by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmed Abu Zeid, to a local satellite channel, reported by the Egyptian News Agency (ASA).

In a press conference on Saturday evening, Netanyahu touched on the Philadelphia axis between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, and said: “Without control over the Philadelphia axis in Gaza, we cannot eliminate Hamas, and we are examining all options regarding it.”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that "these issues are subject to security and legal agreements, and any talk in this regard is subject to scrutiny and is responded to with declared positions."

On Saturday, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing Israeli and Egyptian officials (which it did not name), reported that Tel Aviv informed Egypt of its plan to carry out a military operation to control the Gaza border with it, in reference to the Philadelphia axis.

The newspaper reported that Egypt had assured Israel that it would strengthen the barriers on its border with Gaza, and would install more watchtowers and cameras, “but it would not share the recordings with the Israeli side.”

It also clarified that Cairo did not give final approval to Tel Aviv for the alleged operation.

Meanwhile, Cairo News Channel, which is close to the Egyptian authorities, reported a denial from a source responsible for Egyptian-Israeli coordination regarding new security measures through the Philadelphia axis.

In another context, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed, during his media interview, that his country supports every effort aimed at investigating any Israeli violations against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, in response to a question regarding “Egypt’s position regarding what is happening at the International Court of Justice.”

On Thursday and Friday, the International Court of Justice in The Hague held two public hearings as part of the start of consideration of the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel on charges of committing “genocide crimes” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In the coming days, International Justice is scheduled to determine its future steps regarding the measures it will take.

"Inappropriate" Namibia rejects Germany's position on the issue of genocide against Israel

The State of Namibia criticized Germany's position, which this week rejected the accusations brought by South Africa against Israel of committing "genocide" before the International Court of Justice.

Namibia was a former German colony, located in southern Africa, and witnessed the first genocide in the twentieth century.

The Namibian presidency said in a statement on Saturday evening, “Namibia rejects Germany’s support for the genocidal intentions pursued by the racist state of Israel against innocent civilians in Gaza.”

Windhoek recalled that "Germany committed the first genocide in the twentieth century on Namibian soil in the period 1904-1908," noting that "the German government has not yet atoned for the genocide it committed there."

Namibian President Hake Kienkoop, who expressed his regret "at Germany's inability to learn the lessons of its terrible history," said he was shocked by the decision taken by the German government on Friday to "reject the morally just accusation made by South Africa" ​​before the International Court of Justice that "states that Israel is committing genocide." collective action against the Palestinians in Gaza.

The Namibian president accused Berlin of "ignoring the 23,000 dead" in Gaza and "defending" before the International Court of Justice "the horrific acts of genocide committed by the Israeli government."

He called on Germany to "reconsider its inappropriate decision."

On Friday, the German government "strongly and frankly" rejected the accusations directed against Israel before the International Court of Justice of committing genocide, considering this accusation to be "unfounded."

Between 1904 and 1908, Germany was responsible for massacres in Namibia that claimed the lives of at least seventy thousand people belonging to the indigenous Herero and Nama peoples, and a number of historians consider it the first genocide of the twentieth century.

In May 2021, after more than five years of difficult negotiations, Germany announced its recognition of committing “genocide” in this region located in the south of the continent, which it colonized between 1884 and 1915, and promised to provide development aid worth 1.1 billion euros over a period of thirty years, supposedly. That the grandchildren in both tribes would benefit from it.
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