Houthis: A new American-British aggression targets the city of Hodeidah Houthis: A new American-British aggression targets the city of Hodeidah

Houthis: A new American-British aggression targets the city of Hodeidah

Houthis: A new American-British aggression targets the city of Hodeidah

Al-Masirah TV, affiliated with the Ansar Allah group (Houthis), reported that American and British forces targeted the Al-Jabanah area in the city of Hodeidah, western Yemen.

The channel said: "American and British aircraft carried out two raids on the Al-Jabbana area in the city of Hodeidah." The targets that were bombed have not been identified yet.

The air strikes come a day after Ansar Allah attacked the third American ship in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea since American strikes on targets in Yemen began a week ago.

An RT correspondent reported at dawn on Friday, January 12, that  American and British forces launched  raids on the Yemeni cities of Sanaa, Hodeidah, Taiz, Dhamar, and Saada.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said  Thursday that the strikes against the Houthis  targeted radars and infrastructure for drones and missiles, noting that "this operation aims to disrupt and weaken the Houthis' ability to endanger sailors and threaten international trade in one of the most important sea lanes in the world."

He added that 5 air strikes targeted the 22nd Mechanized Brigade in the city of Taiz, and 3 raids targeted Taiz Airport. Pointing out that Hodeidah Airport and the Kilo 16 area were also subjected to air strikes.

CNN also confirmed, citing sources, that US forces used the submarine USS Florida during the attack on Yemen.

Dryad Global, a company specializing in maritime security, also confirmed that the Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) launched missiles in response to the American-British strikes on Yemen.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Houthi "Ansar Allah" group in Yemen, Hussein Al-Ezzi, confirmed that the country was subjected to a widespread "aggressive" attack by American and British ships, submarines, and warplanes.

He added: "America and Britain will have to be prepared to pay a heavy price. And bear all the dire consequences of this blatant aggression." The leader of the Ansar Allah group, Abdullah bin Amer, stressed that "the American-British aggression will not go unanswered and the confrontation has not and will not stop."

CNN: Washington plans to provide the greatest possible support to Kiev before January 2025

CNN reported that Washington plans to provide Kiev with the largest possible amount of aid before January 2025, in anticipation of the possibility of former US President Donald Trump being re-elected as president of the country.

CNN reported, citing sources: that the administration of US President Joe Biden and Congress have begun discussing this possibility in 2023. The White House, NATO leadership, and Kiev all realize that Trump’s victory in the elections scheduled for November would mean... Most likely to cut off aid to Ukraine.

An unnamed American official told CNN: It is important not only to allocate the funds, but also to use them before the elections, because Trump will be able to prevent the disbursement of funds that were allocated in the 2024 budget, but were not spent.

Some Western countries estimate that the war will last from two to five more years.
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