Intense raids on Gaza on the 105th day of the war and the Internet and communications blackouts continue Intense raids on Gaza on the 105th day of the war and the Internet and communications blackouts continue

Intense raids on Gaza on the 105th day of the war and the Internet and communications blackouts continue

Intense raids on Gaza on the 105th day of the war and the Internet and communications blackouts continue

The Israeli occupation army launched violent bombardment on various areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death and injury of dozens. Meanwhile, communications and Internet services in the sector continue to be interrupted.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Friday that the death toll from the Israeli aggression on the Strip since October 7 had risen to 24,762 martyrs and 62,108 injured.

The Ministry added in a statement on the 105th day of the devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which it published on its Telegram platform, that it had monitored “the Israeli occupation committing 12 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours.”

She pointed out that there were a number of victims under the rubble and on the roads, and ambulance and civil defense crews were unable to reach them.

Dozens of Palestinians, including children and women, were killed and injured at dawn on Friday in a violent Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip, amid continued disruption of communications and Internet services.

According to medical sources, at least 12 Palestinians were killed and others were injured after the occupation aircraft bombed a residential apartment near Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City.

Dozens were also injured in an Israeli raid that targeted Al-Nour Mosque in the Al-Sabra neighborhood of the city.

The occupation warships bombed the coast of Gaza City and areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

Various areas of the northern Gaza Strip, including the town and Jabalia camp, were subjected to intense bombardment.

Eight Palestinians were martyred and others were injured when the occupation aircraft bombed a house, west of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, coinciding with the area being subjected to violent bombardment.

Also in Khan Yunis, occupation tanks and military vehicles stormed the vicinity of Nasser Medical Hospital, and its artillery bombed the vicinity of Al-Amal Hospital, affiliated with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Its forces also blew up residential homes in the south of the governorate.

A United Nations human rights expert said Thursday that Israel "violated" international law with its "violent" bombing of Gaza, which led to the razing of neighborhoods and the killing of thousands of Palestinians.

The statements of Francesca Albanese, an Italian lawyer and Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, come as Israel faces charges of committing genocide before the International Court of Justice.

“Israel has done a number of things that are highly illegal,” Albanese told a news conference in Madrid.

Communications interruption

In conjunction with the escalation of Israeli massacres, the outage of communications and Internet services in the Gaza Strip has entered its eighth day.

The NetBlocks website, which monitors communications networks in the world, said that “the outage, which is now entering its eighth day, is the longest continuous communications outage ever” since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Last Friday, the Palestinian telecommunications companies Paltel and Ooredoo Palestine announced the complete cessation of communications and Internet services with the Gaza Strip due to the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Ihab Sobeih, said that communications (cellular, fixed, and Internet) were cut off again from the Gaza Strip, completely in the center and south, and the “Ooredoo” service is still operating in the north.

He pointed out in a statement that the Palestinian Telecommunications Company "Paltel", the service provider in these areas, was unable to reach the exchange due to the lack of safe paths and the difficulty of movement as a result of the massive destruction of the roads, in addition to the scarcity of spare parts.

In the same context, the Palestine Red Crescent Society said in a statement, “The cut off of communications increases the challenges facing the Red Crescent crews in providing their ambulance services and reaching the wounded and injured as quickly as possible.”

Since October 7, 2023, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza that, as of Thursday, has left “24,620 martyrs, 61,830 injured, and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe,” and caused the displacement of more than 85% (about 1.9 million people) of the population. Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian authorities and the United Nations.

Within 45 hours the occupation searches 1,000 Palestinian buildings in Tulkarm

The Israeli occupation army announced the end of the operation that it began at dawn on Wednesday in the city of Tulkarm in the West Bank, confirming that it had searched 1,000 buildings and arrested 37 Palestinians after interrogating hundreds within 45 hours.

The Israeli occupation army confirmed, on Friday, the end of its military operation in the city of Tulkarm in the northern West Bank, which it began at dawn on Wednesday, after searching 1,000 Palestinian buildings and arresting 37 people.

This came in a statement, in which the occupation army stated that it had ended on Friday “a campaign that lasted about 45 hours, in which forces from the army, border guards, the Musta’ribin unit, and the Public Security Service participated.”

He explained: "The forces searched about 1,000 buildings and interrogated hundreds of suspects, of whom more than 37 wanted persons were arrested."

He stated: "The soldiers found and proactively destroyed more than 400 explosive devices, confiscated 27 weapons and a lot of military equipment, and destroyed five laboratories for manufacturing explosive devices and four rooms for reconnaissance operations."

On Wednesday, the occupation army announced that a reserve soldier was seriously injured after being shot by Palestinians.

The occupation army added in its statement: “A number of Palestinians were killed” during the campaign, but without further details.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced earlier that the occupation army killed eight Palestinians during its operation in Tulkarm.

The occupation army has intensified its operations in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, since the outbreak of its devastating war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.
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