Ma Zhu: "The Chinese Communist Party is never capable of destroying the Islamic faith in the hearts of Uyghurs!" Ma Zhu: "The Chinese Communist Party is never capable of destroying the Islamic faith in the hearts of Uyghurs!"

Ma Zhu: "The Chinese Communist Party is never capable of destroying the Islamic faith in the hearts of Uyghurs!"

Ma Zhu: "The Chinese Communist Party is never capable of destroying the Islamic faith in the hearts of Uyghurs!"

It is reported from the Chinese media that with the arrival of the 2024 Chinese Chagan Festival, the Chinese authorities are increasing the number of promotional activities to create the so-called "Happy Chagan Festival" in all parts of the Uyghur region.

 According to the report of "China News Network" on January 22, local residents and foreign tourists in the ancient city of Kashgar enjoyed watching the streets decorated with red lanterns. "Tangritag" also reported that from January 19th to 22nd, a special small market "combining products from Guangdong and Xinjiang" will be set up on Beijing Road in Guangzhou. The news reported that Uyghur agricultural products, as well as Uyghur traditional food such as toon kawipi, ziqlik kebab, samsa, and Uyghur music and other art performances will be brought to Guangzhou to strengthen the "deep friendship between Tangry Hill and the Zhujiang River".

Ma Ju, a Tongan analyst living in the United States, said that in recent years, the Chinese authorities have been implementing policies of assimilation and erasing Uyghur identity in the name of "feeding Xinjiang with culture" and "forming a common consciousness of the Chinese nation." He said that Chinese Uyghurs have banned their national and religious holidays such as Eid, Eid al-Fitr, Nowruz, and forced them to celebrate Chagan and other festivals. He said about it:

 "In the case of the Uyghurs, they are really being persecuted and suffering. But I think that the culture of a nation is not something that can be destroyed or destroyed so easily. In particular, the strong faith and perseverance of Uighurs in Islam, as well as the deep roots of Uyghur Islamic culture and the maturity of the social structure clearly show this. Islamic culture has penetrated into every grain of sand of the Uyghur lands and into the deep layers of every human heart. This is the strength of faith in the Uyghur people. The Uyghurs are a people who live at the center of all Central Asian cultural history and faith traditions. Therefore, I believe that the absurd propaganda and ideological propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party will never be enough to compete with the deep place of Islamic culture in the hearts of Uyghurs! 

According to the Chinese-run "Tangritag Network" reported on January 18, the 2024 online sales and purchase finals of "Xinjiang products" by network operators have started in Urumqi. According to the report, in order to celebrate Chagan Festival in China, a variety of dried fruits and Uyghur foods from various parts of the Uyghur region have started to be sold online.

Mrs. Ortinur Siddiq, a witness of the camp in the Netherlands, noted that since the beginning of the camps, China has started forcing Uyghurs to participate in traditional festivals such as Chagan in stricter ways. He said that since then, the Chinese authorities have tried to "test their loyalty to the Communist Party of China and Chinese culture" by forcing them to eat forbidden foods and foods containing pork, forcing them to drink alcohol, and forcing them to eat with the Chinese.

Mrs. Mehriai Mamteli, who now lives in the United States and was a teacher of Uyghur folklore at Xinjiang University, also joined our conversation. He stressed that the Chinese government has been using various forms of "soft" and "hard" means in recent years to force the Uighurs to eliminate traditional festivals and customs that are a part of their national identity, and instead celebrate traditional Chinese festivals.

According to Chinese news, China plans to host this year's Central Television Youth Art Night in Kashgar, the fourth location in addition to Beijing, Changsha and Shenyang.

The three northern groups said they were violating the military council ceasefire

Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA); Seeing Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and Rakhine Army (AA) troops.

Three twin alliances
On January 24, the Northern Alliance announced that the military council was disregarding the ceasefire in northern Shan State and violating the "Haygin Agreement".

On January 24th, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) attacked Mupan District in Kokang Region with two lines of military council troops, and one of the MNDAA was killed.

Lashio Township of the Military Council Army The Northern Alliance announced that on the same day, heavy weaponry was fired from the Nam Ton village camp on the side of the Sinni border bridge by the Taang National Liberation Army (PSLF/TNLA).

This is the second time that the military council has violated the Haigen Agreement, and it was said that it had been violated for the first time on January 16.

The Northern Alliance has also stated that the military council is insulting China's aid, which it has mediated, in violation of the Hainan Agreement.

There is no announcement from the military council about this.

The military council army and the Northern Alliance began fighting in northern Shan State on October 27, 2023, and a ceasefire was reached on January 11, 2024 with the help of China.
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