The Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria is strict in its response to the US State Department report on religious freedom The Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria is strict in its response to the US State Department report on religious freedom

The Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria is strict in its response to the US State Department report on religious freedom

The Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria is strict in its response to the US State Department report on religious freedom

The Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria was surprised by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s report on religious freedoms, wondering why Israel was not classified as a violator of religious freedoms for what it does to Muslims in Palestine.

The Supreme Islamic Council explained in a statement: “It is strange that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken issued his statement last Thursday, January 4, 2024 within the framework of the law passed by the US Congress in 1998 outlining US foreign policy on the issue of freedom of religion and belief.”

He added: "Based on this commitment, Mr. Blinken classified the countries of the world into three levels of extreme, moderate, and grave violation of the freedom to exercise religious belief."

The Supreme Islamic Council confirmed: “It does not seem that Mr. Blinken found a harsher scope for religious people, preventing them from even entering their temples, as Israel does to Muslims in Palestine, preventing them from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque, and depriving them of praying inside it.”

He explained: “Perhaps Mr. Blinken is waiting for the US Congress to issue a law to protect human life and criminalize the killing of children and women and the demolition of homes on their residents, so that he can issue a statement criminalizing the Zionist entity that is destroying the homes of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank with the missiles that America delivered to it with the knowledge of Mr. Blinken.”

He added: "When the shipments of bombs and missiles that his country had supplied to the Zionist entity ran out, Mr. Blinken did not wait for the approval of the American Congress to supply the Zionist entity with new ammunition. Rather, he took responsibility for sending these ammunition as a matter of urgency, because Congress's approval may require some time for the Palestinians to breathe and for the bombing to stop." Homes, killing children and their mothers, and demolishing their homes.

The Supreme Islamic Council stressed: “It is strange that Mr. Blinken took courage and openly declared his Jewishness, which preceded and surpassed his Americanism... the quality or advantage that prevents him from classifying the Zionist entity alongside ISIS, and both are among the achievements of America, his country, in whose name it classifies countries and societies.”

The US State Department had previously included Algeria on the "list of countries involved in violations of religious freedom."

Algerian Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf expressed his deep regret at what was stated in the recent statement of the US State Department regarding religious freedom in Algeria.

During his phone call with his American counterpart, Anthony Blinken, yesterday, Attaf confirmed that the same statement ignored the efforts made by Algeria to establish the principle of freedom of religious belief and practice, which is the principle guaranteed by the Algerian Constitution in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Libya Postponing the sentencing hearing for Abdullah Al-Senussi

Libya Postponing the sentencing hearing for Abdullah Al-Senussi

An RT correspondent in Libya reported that the Tripoli Court of Appeal postponed, on Monday, the sentencing hearing against the head of the intelligence service during Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, Abdullah Al-Senussi.

According to our correspondent, the sentencing session was postponed until Monday, January 22, due to the defendant’s failure to attend the session.

The lawyer of the former intelligence chief, Ahmed Nashad, held the Public Prosecution responsible for the delay in the trial of his client, Abdullah Al-Sannuli, in response to the statements of the Public Prosecutor, Counselor Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, regarding the case, which he made during a press conference held in Tripoli.

Al-Senussi’s lawyer commented on the Public Prosecutor’s statements in press statements, saying: “A fair trial is guaranteed by law, and is achieved by the court under the supervision of the defence, and the Public Prosecution has nothing to do with it, as it is an adversary in the case of the accused.” He added, wondering: “What speedy trial are the Public Prosecutor and Public Prosecution talking about?” As a direct and responsible reason for the delay in the trial of Abdullah Al-Senussi.”

Nashad said, "The prosecution did not take any administrative, legal, or judicial measures against what prevented Abdullah Al-Senussi from being brought to trial sessions during more than 12 sessions over more than a full year."

He pointed out that "the grievances of Al-Senussi's family fall under the category of grievance against the Public Prosecution's failure to take any action to ensure Abdullah Al-Senussi's attendance at trial sessions."

Al-Senussi's lawyer, the former intelligence chief, reminded the Public Prosecutor that he "did not move a finger" even though his client Al-Senussi had "a decision to release him in accordance with the provisions of the law, and he is the most important detainee in Libyan prisons."

The Public Prosecutor, Counselor Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, confirmed in a press conference held in Tripoli that “Abdullah Al-Senussi’s case is pending before the Tripoli Court of Appeal, and he has no information that his health conditions are bad,” noting that “the Public Prosecution has grievances from Al-Senussi’s family due to the postponement of his trial and the prolongation of "Extend it."

Speaking to reporters, the Public Prosecutor pledged to look into the matter and “address it in the near future, and to ensure a fair, transparent and speedy trial for Al-Senussi in accordance with the standards of justice.”
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