Tunisia's Ennahda receives a delegation from Hamas Tunisia's Ennahda receives a delegation from Hamas

Tunisia's Ennahda receives a delegation from Hamas

Tunisia's Ennahda receives a delegation from Hamas

A delegation from the Tunisian Ennahda Movement, headed by its Secretary-General, Al-Ajami Al-Warimi, received a delegation from the Hamas movement participating in the “Tunis Forum to Support the Palestinian Resistance,” headed by Bassem Naim.

The Secretary-General of the Ennahda Movement expressed the steadfastness of the movement’s standing and the masses of the Tunisian people with the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood, and he paid tribute to the resistance and the Palestinian people for their steadfastness and courage in the face of aggression, genocidal massacres, and displacement plans. Both parties appreciated the state of awareness of the justice of the Palestinian cause throughout the world.

The representative of the Hamas movement, Sami Abu Zuhri, said in a media statement that the forum carried an important message as it aims to give more effectiveness to the Tunisian and Arab streets in general in order to support the Palestinian resistance, highlighting the role of the follow-up committee that was created in order to work to implement what it reached. Forum.

He explained that “by supporting the resistance in Gaza, the Zionist and American attempts to monopolize the Gaza Strip and eliminate the resistance will fail, given that the resistance is a project of a people and a nation,” noting in a related context that the United States of America has been involved in expanding the ongoing conflict and will pay the price for its “criminal policy” in Yemen, despite Exactly what he said.

It should be noted that the “Tunisia Forum to Support the Resistance,” which was held under the slogan “A nation that resists... a nation that triumphs,” at the initiative of the People’s Movement, was attended by representatives of several Palestinian factions, along with delegations from Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and other Arab countries.


An Egyptian military expert talks about the expected scenario in the Red Sea

An Egyptian military expert talks about the expected scenario in the Red Sea

Advisor to the Egyptian Military Academy for Postgraduate and Strategic Studies, Major General Pilot Dr. Hisham Al-Halabi, predicted in statements to RT that a dangerous scenario would appear in the Red Sea soon.

He explained, "The American-British attack on the Houthis in Yemen was expected, because the United States of America and its allies warned the Houthis against repeated attacks on ships in the Red Sea, and they worked to mobilize more than 10 countries and the 'Deterrence of Prosperity' force was formed. All of these were clear indicators of action." American towards the Houthis, which came as the Houthis continued to navigate in the Red Sea and some of the ships included British ships, so the response came today by launching an American-British attack on Yemen.”

Regarding the future scenario, Major General Pilot Dr. Hisham Al-Halabi explained in statements to RT, “The scenario of escalation in the Red Sea is the closest, because the Houthis have been targeting ships for some time and this targeting will increase during the current period,” noting that despite hitting a large number of sites. In Yemen, there are places for storing and stationing drones, missile platforms, radar and air defense stations, and command centers, but the nature of the Yemeni land is rugged and easy to hide and camouflage, especially since the Houthis have small-sized armament such as drones, and it is easy to hide their assembly places, or move the assembly places to points. Multiple

The advisor to the Egyptian Military Academy for Postgraduate and Strategic Studies pointed out that the targeting will continue by the Houthis, and there will be a reaction from America and its allies, and this scenario is the closest to implementation in the future, which is escalation from both sides, pointing to the Iranian role in supporting the Houthis with information, and this is a very important point, as well as support. Through armament, especially drones, noting that “unfortunately, escalation will continue, and the ideal solution for this is to stop the war in the Gaza Strip, and this cessation is not clear in the near future, unfortunately.”

Major General Pilot Dr. Hisham Al-Halabi stressed that there are four fronts in the region, which are the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah, and the third front is “Syria and Iraq,” which is targeting American forces there, and the fourth is the Red Sea, noting that “the four fronts are closely linked to each other, and therefore The center of gravity on these three fronts, except for Gaza, is like someone extinguishing the fire from its end, and what stops all of these fronts is stopping the war in Gaza,” stressing that some countries with a moderate opinion confirmed this, led by Egypt and Russia, noting that Russia’s request to hold an emergency session The Security Council takes into account the Russian side.

He pointed out that the price of oil rose by 2.5% suddenly, following the American-British attack on Yemen, and therefore the matter will have an impact on the entire world, as oil trade and global trade are a large proportion in the Red Sea. The world will not bear the consequences of that war in general, and the escalation in the Red Sea. In particular.

The advisor to the Egyptian Military Academy for Postgraduate and Strategic Studies explained in statements to RT that navigation in the Red Sea, and in particular Bab al-Mandab, is closely linked to the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore there will be an impact on trade in the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, and on the entire world.

He pointed out that the Houthis target ships that will sail to Israel, sail from Israel, or follow Israel, and then target ships that belong to countries that support Israel, but after the American and British attack, it is expected that the Houthis will target American and British ships, and the ships of other countries will not be targeted.

He added that the events taking place in the region will push maritime companies to increase the value of insurance, which will reflect on the global economy and raise prices globally.

He stressed that the greatest impact will be on the increase in global prices and the global economy more generally, and will have on the entire world, and the United States of America was supposed to take this into account.
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