164 martyrs in 19 massacres in Gaza, and more than 100 martyrs and dozens of wounded in bombing on Rafah 164 martyrs in 19 massacres in Gaza, and more than 100 martyrs and dozens of wounded in bombing on Rafah

164 martyrs in 19 massacres in Gaza, and more than 100 martyrs and dozens of wounded in bombing on Rafah

164 martyrs in 19 massacres in Gaza, and more than 100 martyrs and dozens of wounded in bombing on Rafah

The Israeli occupation did not heed international warnings against targeting the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, which houses hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians, and carried out violent bombardment with night raids until Monday dawn, targeting homes and mosques, resulting in hundreds of martyrs and wounded.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Monday that the Israeli occupation army had committed 19 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, claiming 164 martyrs and 200 injuries during the past 24 hours. The toll of the war on Gaza has risen to 28,340 martyrs and 67,984 injured since October 7.

Despite international rejection and warnings, Israeli occupation fighters launched, at dawn on Monday, a series of violent raids on various areas of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, which houses 1.4 million displaced people, resulting in hundreds of martyrs and wounded.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli aircraft launched belts of fire and violent raids on several areas of Rafah, which, according to health sources in the city, resulted in the death of more than 100 Palestinians, including children and women, and the injury of hundreds of others. They arrived at Rafah hospitals following heavy Israeli raids on the city. South of the sector.

Local sources added that warplanes launched a series of violent raids, estimated at about 40 raids, targeting, in particular, many homes and mosques housing displaced people, in conjunction with intense artillery and warship bombardment on the city of Rafah.

The Israeli occupation army said in a statement that it "carried out a series of raids against targets in the southern Gaza Strip."

A number of violent raids targeted the vicinity of the Kuwaiti Hospital and some health headquarters in the city.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that they are trying to extract the remaining martyrs from under the rubble in Rafah. He stressed that the medical and humanitarian reality in Rafah is extremely catastrophic, and that the number of victims of the bombing on Rafah tonight is greater than the capacity of hospitals.

He said that doctors were lying on the ground to treat the wounded due to weak health infrastructure, and that the Israeli bombing targeted homes and mosques, causing a rise in the number of casualties. He warned of the consequences of the occupation carrying out a ground operation in Rafah.

The bombing also targeted Al-Huda Mosque in the center of the densely populated Yabna camp, and the Al-Rahma Mosque in Al-Shaboura camp.

Israeli warplanes bombed more than 10 homes, some of which were inhabited, within less than one hour, in the areas of “Musabah, Arriba, Khirbet Al-Adas, and the Shaboura and Ybna camps.”

In the same context, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that sewage water was flooding the emergency department and impeding the work of crews at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis.

Difficulties facing operations to recover missing persons

A TRT news correspondent reported that large numbers of bodies of the martyrs and wounded were being transported to Rafah hospitals and the European Gaza Hospital east of the city of Khan Yunis, indicating that there are great difficulties in the operations to recover missing persons from beneath the houses targeted by the bombing.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society confirmed that Rafah was witnessing very violent attacks in various areas, a number of which were in the vicinity of the society’s headquarters in the center of the city.

The association reported that an inhabited house opposite its headquarters was targeted, which led to spreading terror among citizens. It also indicated that helicopters fired machine guns along the border areas.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (official) said that the Israeli occupation army had approved an operational plan to launch a ground operation in Rafah.

Rafah, located on the border with Egypt, represents the last refuge for Palestinians fleeing the ongoing Israeli bombing elsewhere in the Gaza Strip as part of Israel's war that has been ongoing for 4 months.

About 1.4 million Palestinians, i.e. more than half of the population of the besieged Strip, are gathered in Rafah, the vast majority of whom have fled violence in the north and center of the Strip since last October 7.

The Hamas movement had warned (Saturday) of a disaster and massacre in Rafah that could leave tens of thousands martyred and wounded, if an Israeli ground operation was launched there.

A senior White House official said that "under current circumstances" Washington "cannot support a military operation in Rafah due to population density." He added that the civilian population "has nowhere to go."

Violating the orders of the International Court of Justice

For her part, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Francesca Albanese, said on Sunday that “Israel appears to be violating the decisions issued by the International Court of Justice on January 26, which require it to take the necessary steps to protect the rights of the Palestinians and avoid all measures that could... constitutes the crime of genocide.”

In her statement to the British newspaper The Guardian, Albanese opposed the interpretation of some human rights activists and Israel in the judicial orders announced by the International Court of Justice, stating that the aforementioned acts are not prohibited “as long as Israel commits them without the intention of genocide.”

The UN rapporteur explained that "International Justice" ruled that Israel must refrain from all acts that could constitute the crime of genocide.

Later, Albanese published her interview with The Guardian on her account on the “X” platform, stressing that Israel is obligated to respect the court’s decisions, and countries must act decisively to prevent further injustice.

In late 2023, South Africa filed a case with the International Court of Justice, accusing Israel of failing to fulfill its obligations under the 1948 Genocide Convention.

On January 26, the court ordered Israel to take measures to prevent genocide against Palestinians and improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.​​​​​​

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip that has left tens of thousands of civilian victims, most of them children and women, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe and massive destruction of infrastructure, which led to Tel Aviv appearing before the International Court of Justice on charges of “ Genocide".

After demanding the demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque a Russian fighter responds to the President of Argentina

Russian UFC mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Omar Nurmagomedov described Argentine President Javier Miley as a "fool" after his statements about Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
Press reports stated earlier that Javier Miley called for the demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place in Islam.

Javier Miley said in an interview with the Hebrew channel Israel Today that he believes in the Jewish prophecies that talk about building the Third Temple in the place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and that he expects them to come true “certainly,” adding that he considers Jerusalem the capital of Israel and that he intends to move his country’s embassy to Jerusalem.

Immediately upon his arrival in Israel, last Tuesday evening, for a visit lasting several days, the Argentine President announced his decision to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, according to what was reported by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Miley went to the Buraq Wall adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque, which the Jews call the “Wailing Wall” in Old Jerusalem, and appeared in a video clip that spread on social media, crying.

On social media platforms, Omar Nurmagomedov commented on the Argentine president’s statements with the word “fool.”

It is noteworthy that Omar Nur Mammadov (28 years old), who achieved 16 victories during his professional career in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), is preparing to confront his Kazakh challenger with Makhan punches, scheduled for March 2, 2024, in the city of Las Vegas, in the American state of Nevada, as part of the ( UFC) for mixed martial arts (MMA).
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