“6 sites to support Egypt’s nuclear power.” Is Cairo building new reactors? “6 sites to support Egypt’s nuclear power.” Is Cairo building new reactors?

“6 sites to support Egypt’s nuclear power.” Is Cairo building new reactors?

“6 sites to support Egypt’s nuclear power.” Is Cairo building new reactors?

Egyptian energy and environment consultant and member of the World Energy Council, Maher Aziz, revealed that Egypt has identified sites to build nuclear reactors similar to the Dabaa plant.

He said that all options are open to Egypt in the field of nuclear energy, stressing that the Egyptian state is working to fulfill its obligations and demands in the field of clean electrical energy.

He confirmed in exclusive statements to RT that Egypt aims to implement a series of electrical stations that operate on nuclear energy, and seeks to move to building fourth generation stations, which are small stations that can be deployed in many places, and their reserves will be smaller than a power station. Dabaa nuclear power plant.

A member of the World Energy Council revealed that during the period from 2008 to 2010, the consultant who was conducting studies for the Dabaa nuclear project was commissioned to conduct a study to select other sites for nuclear plants throughout the Egyptian country, explaining that the study resulted in 23 sites, and the list was limited to 6. Sites.

He explained that the Ministry of Electricity and the Egyptian government now have an opportunity at least in 6 sites qualified to start nuclear projects similar to the Dabaa nuclear project, adding that the Egyptian decision-maker is the one who will take the decision to implement new stations such as the Dabaa station or in a smaller form, indicating that this matter will be It has a place for discussion at the political and strategic level, following the start of work at the Dabaa station.

Maher Aziz, energy and environment consultant and member of the World Energy Council, pointed out that Egypt has good diversification in its dealings, especially in the electrical power sector, with many technologies at the world level, such as General Electric technology, Siemens, and the technology of the Electricité de France, in addition to its strong relations with many producers. Technology for electrical power stations in the world, stressing that this diversity makes Egypt able to have great freedom of movement in fulfilling its obligations and the continued growth of electrical energy.

He stressed that Russia is at the top of the world's nuclear energy producers, noting that there are 449 reactors in the world and approximately 25% of them were built by the world-leading Russian company Rosatom alone, and therefore it is always at the top of the companies that Egypt is interested in cooperating with in more power stations. Because it is one of the greatest nuclear companies in the world.


Who is the Yemeni military official killed in Egypt?

Egyptian media revealed details about Yemeni Major General Hassan bin Jalal Al-Obaidi, director of the Military Industrialization Department in the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, after he was found murdered in his apartment in Cairo.

The Egyptian "Cairo 24" website said that Major General Al-Obaidi held an important position in the Yemeni army, and was responsible for military manufacturing, and an investigation is still underway to determine the circumstances of the incident.

The Minister Plenipotentiary of the Yemeni Embassy, ​​Jamal Jabbari, pointed out that Al-Obaidi is an expert in weapons manufacturing and holds the position of head of military manufacturing in the Yemeni army, explaining that the cause of the crime has not yet been determined.

He continued his words, saying: The assassination process remains mysterious until now, and the measures taken by the Egyptian authorities are in full swing to reach those responsible for committing this heinous crime.

The website explained that Major General Hassan bin Jalal Al-Obeidi arrived in Cairo 20 days ago, and after several days of his presence in Cairo, communications were cut off between Major General Al-Obeidi and his family, friends, and acquaintances, whether in Cairo or Yemen, which sparked confusion and anxiety, so Major General Al-Obeidi’s brother went to his apartment to check on him. But there was a surprise waiting for him inside after he entered the house, where he found his body bound and tied with ropes, and the Yemeni embassy and security services were informed of the incident.

For his part, Baligh Al-Mikhlafi, the media advisor to the Yemeni embassy in Cairo, explained that the body of Major General Al-Obeidi was transferred to the Zeinhom morgue to conduct a medical autopsy, as coordination is currently taking place at the highest level between the embassy and the Egyptian security services, pointing out that the results of the investigations will be announced. As soon as possible.

Major General Al-Obaidi was called the genius of Yemeni military industries because of the effort and development he made in the manufacture of Yemeni military armor and armored vehicles, in addition to his great efforts in military industries.

Major General Hassan Al-Abdi was the first to start manufacturing armored vehicles for the Yemeni army, known as (Jalal 1, 2, and 3) during the rule of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and he is one of those close to his son Ahmed Ali Saleh.

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