Indonesia, Jordan discuss strengthening educational cooperation Indonesia, Jordan discuss strengthening educational cooperation

Indonesia, Jordan discuss strengthening educational cooperation

Indonesia, Jordan discuss strengthening educational cooperation

Amman - Chairman of the philanthropic institution Assalam fil Alamin (ASFA Foundation) Komjen Pol (Ret.) Syafruddin Kambo met Jordanian Minister of Higher Education and Research Azmi Mahafidzoh and Minister of Endowments Syaikh Muhammad Ahmad Al-Kholaila in Amman, Jordan, to strengthen educational cooperation and endowments.

During the meeting, Syafruddin said that the ASFA Foundation is currently actively involved in welcoming a Golden Indonesia 2045 through preparing a demographic bonus which will start in 2030, according to ASFA's press release on Monday.

Jordanian Minister of Education Mahafidzoh welcomed the ASFA Foundation program in order to accelerate and develop human resources based on strengthening educational institutions and Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia.

According to Mahafidzoh, Indonesia is an important country that has close relations with Jordan.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Minister of Waqf Al-Kholaila, who also welcomed the ASFA Foundation program in developing productive waqf.

During the meeting, Syafruddin was accompanied by the Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine Ade Padmo Sarwono, Deputy Secretary General of the Central MUI Ali Hasan Al-Bahar, Deputy Chair of the ASFA Waqf Anizar Mashhadi, Muhammad Ilham Effendi, Alamsyah and Pangeran Arsyad.

The day before, Syafruddin met the Secretary General of the Jordan Hashimate Charity Organization (JHCO) Husein Muhammad As-Sibly to discuss humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people.

Jordan is the only country that has access to distribute aid to Gaza by air and hosts 2.5 million Palestinian refugees.

The kingdom has been the custodian of the holy site of Jerusalem (Masjidil Aqso) since 1924 and manages 120 mosques in Jerusalem. Jordanian King Abdullah II even officially received the title Custodian of Holy Sites in Jerusalem .

More than a hundred young people who tried to return to Rakhine are being detained and examined in Yangon : Myanmar

Family members told RFA that over 100 Rakhine youth who tried to return to Rakhine State by car from Yangon were detained on February 20th at a military council checkpoint in Shwepyitha Township, Yangon Region, and have been missing since February 26th.

They were two cars named Aung Si Khaing from the Aung Myung Expressway. A car named Mong Pyu After leaving in a total of three cars, they were arrested and detained at a military council checkpoint in Shwe Pytha Township, U Zin, who is helping the youths, told RFA that he did not want to be named because of security reasons.

"I was arrested in the city of Yangon. Of the three cars that were arrested, the two cars that U Zin helped had between ninety and one hundred people. The other car had more than a hundred people. The last thing I knew was that I was arrested. I knew that I had been arrested because I entered this camp and did not come out again."

He said that they are currently being held in the military council unit in Hlaingtharya Township, Yangon Region, but they have not been contacted yet.

The detained youths are between the ages of 18 and 30 and have maps, you plate North, Townships such as Kyauktao. They are garment factories in Yangon, Those who work in shoe factories and other factories, and after the Military Council activated the conscription law, the ward no longer provides guest lists. He also said that he returned to his hometown because he was worried about being arrested and because his job was no longer convenient.

A family member who did not want to be named told RFA that more than ten young people from Thayar Village, Yeo Chaung Region, Myap Township, were among them.

"There were 14 people from our village who were arrested. Four were boys and ten were girls. We have not had any contact with them until today. They are people who work in garment factories and shoe factories in Yangon."

They are people who work in Yangon and support their families from the other side, and they are not criminals, so they want to be released as soon as possible, he said.

Aid workers can confirm that more than a hundred Rakhine youths are among those arrested, but they do not know from which city and the names of those arrested. Details such as age are not yet known.

"I came here because of the fighting in Rakhine. It's not safe here either. This is how it is now. "

People working in Yangon after the Military Council activated the Militia Conscription Law. Stakeholders told RFA that those who are educated and the Rakhine people fleeing the war are having a hard time.

A young Rakhine man working in Yangon said that people are arrested even if they are in Yangon, and if they return to Rakhine, they are arrested on highways and airports.

"Even on the guest list, people are arrested. Now, if you go back to Rakhine, you are arrested at Sittwe Airport. There are also arrests at Kyauk Pyu Airport. If you stay here, there are difficulties with the military service law. I have avoided coming here because of the fighting in Rakhine. It is not safe here either. This is how it is now."

Last February 19th and 20th, about 600 passengers returning from Yangon to Sitt and Kyaukphyu by plane were arrested and taken away by car from those airports, family members of those arrested told RFA.

Among them, the elderly, children Pregnant women and some who can provide strong evidence have not been released, but the rest are still detained, he said.

Rakhine military experts also consider that the military council's arrest of the Rakhine youth returning to Rakhine from Yangon may be because they are worried that the Rakhine youth will join the Rakhine Army (AA).

On February 26, RFA tried to contact General Zaw Min Tun, who is authorized to speak at the military council, to inquire about the detention of youths in Shwe Pyi Thar Township, but he did not receive a reply.

The Rakhine Army (AA) has been illegally arresting Rakhine people in cities such as Yangon and Mandalay with ethnic hatred. recruiting new soldiers, Torture extortion, It was announced on February 20 that killings are being committed daily.

Therefore, due to the military situation in the Rakhine region and Myanmar, instead of fleeing to those cities, they are encouraged to move to the areas controlled by the Rakhine Army (AA).

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