Over 17 million people in need of emergency assistance increased in three years : Myanmar Over 17 million people in need of emergency assistance increased in three years : Myanmar

Over 17 million people in need of emergency assistance increased in three years : Myanmar

Over 17 million people in need of emergency assistance increased in three years : Myanmar

Sagaing Division, who are fleeing due to the military council's column. 2024 to the residents of Dipaying Township. Seen on January 18th.

 Brothers of Dipaying Township
Before the military takeover, there were just over a million people in need of humanitarian aid in Myanmar, which has now increased to 18 million. This is a third of the total population, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) announced on February 1, the three-year anniversary of the coup.

Homelessness; Affecting the health and education sectors; food insufficiency and malnutrition; It states that one-third of Myanmar's population is facing hardships such as insecurity and psychological harm, including forced military recruitment.

"It's like waiting for the army to come and kill me. "

In Chin State's Min Tu Township, rice, which is the staple food, cannot be bought and eaten by everyone. A pregnant woman from Min Tu Township told RFA that she only relies on foods like Lu and Su.

"Breakfast is Suwa rice, corn rice Grinding the corn and re-cooking it. In the evening, boiled North Eggs, etc. I don't know if there are only ten households who can eat rice. Only a few households can mix it with rice. If it's mixed, it's like Suwa and Suni Rota or Lu and Suni Rota. 0 belly, Even if you can feed your own child, only someone who is more comfortable can feed it. food, I don't need to say anything anymore"

Due to the civil war, transportation was cut off. He said that he is suffering from various difficulties, from low income due to high prices and lack of markets to sell the crops he grows.

At a press conference after the February 5 Security Council meeting on the Myanmar issue, British Ambassador to the United Nations Barbara Woodward said, "More than 18 million people in Myanmar are in need of humanitarian aid in three years. We once again request that aid be allowed to be sent unhindered to ethnic minority areas, including women and children. "

In the statement issued after the meeting, the people of Burma were requested to provide humanitarian aid as soon as possible.

On the third anniversary of the military coup, fighting is going on in almost all parts of the country, and the temporary ceasefire in the northern Shan region is not solid, and the fighting in Rakhine State is still intense, UNOCHA said.

When the ceasefire in the northern Shan region was over, the military council army began to clear the area in Sagaing, torturing, arrested and killed Due to the destruction of houses and buildings, civilians are fleeing again.

At present, the people of Sagaing Division are waiting for the time when the military council army will come and kill them while eating the small amount of aid provided by the international community, said a resident of Ye Oo Township.

"Farmers don't even dare to store the rice they get for a year, let alone one year's worth of food. why burn Because everything is lost. The farmers who grow rice themselves have to buy and eat rice. From humanitarian aid to food, They gave me drinks, There are few, Step by step. It is as if our people are waiting for the time when the army will come and kill them after eating the humanitarian food provided by the world. There's no meaning in living anymore."

In the education sector, there are schools opened by the National Unity Government (NUG), but due to frequent raids and airstrikes, children are unable to study regularly.

Health issues are worse and they do not have access to regular health care and cannot get treatment even for common ailments. Locals say that they cannot buy medicine easily.

UN OCHA also said that Myanmar's health sector is in crisis, and millions of people are without safe shelter and drinking water. The bad economy has made families more financially strapped, the impact on the agricultural sector and rising inflation have made it harder for people to get food and worsened malnutrition, he said.

A Yangon resident said that three years after the coup, the lives of the grassroots have become much worse than before.

"It's only been three years since their coup. The life of the grassroots is starving, It's everyone who's suffering after being cut off forever. How good it is to pity the people of the grassroots. They don't know this either. Too good to be pitied. They are begging at bus stops. They are begging at the crossroads. The elderly are starting to ask. Because there are no employment opportunities. That's the way it is."

RFA contacted General Zaw Min Tun, who is authorized to speak for the Military Council, to find out the opinion of the Military Council regarding these situations, but he did not pick up the phone.

On February 5, U Than Swe, Foreign Minister of the Military Council, met with Sajjad Mohammad Sajid, UN OCHA's head of Myanmar, and discussed the possibility of providing humanitarian assistance to people in need. The Military Council announced that they discussed issues of cooperation between the Military Council and United Nations agencies.

On February 6, the Foreign Minister of the Military Council met with Myanmar representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and discussed issues of cooperation.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of the National Unity Government (NUG) said in an online session of the Union Hluttaw on February 2 that it had provided 10.51 billion Kyats (approximately US$5.01 million) in humanitarian aid in the three years since the coup.

People whose houses were burned war victims Family members of victims and victims of armed conflict. Vulnerable people People who face natural disasters He said that he supported CDM employees and political prisoners.

Dr. Ngait Tam Moeng, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, said at the meeting of the Union Hluttaw on February 2 that these grants are donations from the people to the people, and we are working to increase international aid.

"These grants are donations from people to people who have consistently participated in the revolution up until today. For international humanitarian assistance, donor countries, We are offering to continue cooperation with neighboring countries and international humanitarian organizations including the United Nations and ASEAN. Now in 2024, we will have to work harder to get international aid.”

According to the statement of UN OCHA, humanitarian organizations have requested nearly one billion US dollars (994 million) in order to carry out aid operations in Myanmar in 2024. He said that the number of people in need of assistance has increased to 18 million, but due to funding difficulties, they have not been able to provide sufficient assistance.

In order to solve these challenges, UN OCHA warned that there is a need for more international attention and support to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

Six countries that are comfortable for beginner Indonesian travelers

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Europe or Asia, each country has its own advantages and uniqueness. For those who are still beginner travelers and are not very confident about traveling to distant countries, try visiting several countries that are friendly to Indonesian tourists.

Based on summarized results from various sources. The following are six tourist destinations that are quite comfortable for novice travelers, namely Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a neighboring country and allied to Indonesia.

Apart from having the same ancestry, namely Malay, the language used, the culture and food are also similar to Indonesia.

When on holiday there, travelers don't need to be confused about food, they have culinary delights that taste familiar.

There are many Muslims there, so halal food is not something that is difficult to find.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for the twin towers or Petronas Towers. This is one of the photo spots that you must visit. Apart from language, food and culture reasons, a holiday to Malaysia is quite affordable. Besides, the goods there are also cheap.

Then, Singapore, this neighboring country, has become a favorite for Indonesian people who are going abroad for the first time.

This country, which is famous for its Merlion statue, is a melting pot, a blend of various peoples and cultures. Here travelers can meet people of Indian, Chinese and Malay descent in a comfortable atmosphere.

Tourist destinations in Singapore are very diverse. This country is small, but very advanced and modern. Public transportation there is also incredibly comfortable and integrated, so visitors can go from one place to another easily and at an affordable cost.

The most famous tourist attraction is Universal Studios. It takes a full day to experience all the games there.

Food in Singapore is also famous for its deliciousness. Don't miss eating at Hawker Stall because there are various menu choices.

Third, Bangkok, Thailand, this country is famous for its various fashion products which are cheap but still high quality, more and more Indonesians are choosing to go on holiday to the country known as the White Elephant.

Thailand also has beautiful natural tourist destinations. Beaches like Phuket are honeymoon destinations for many couples. There is no doubt about its cultural richness, the temples there are well maintained and look beautiful.

Typical Thai culinary delights are no less delicious, Tom Yum and Pad Thai are always sought after by tourists. The variety of street food is also no less, always highlighted and intriguing.

If your budget is limited, there is no need to hesitate to come because the prices of hotels, food and other accommodation here are quite affordable.

Next, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, went on vacation and worship. Many people dream of being able to go to the holy land first before exploring other parts of the earth.

The cities of Mecca and Medina are two favorite destinations for all Muslims, including in Indonesia. Don't worry about language limitations, because the people there are also able to speak Indonesian, although only a little.

Finding food is also not difficult because it is guaranteed to be halal.

Then there is Tokyo, Japan, children who like reading manga and watching anime usually put Japan on their wish list of countries to visit.

This country, which is famous for its cherry blossoms and the Shinkanshen fast train, is truly curious. Moreover, typical Japanese culinary delights are also very popular in Indonesia, such as karage, sushi, chicen katsu, beef teriyaki, sake, and many more.

Even though the people here don't really speak English, there's no need to worry, because Japanese people are very friendly to tourists.

The thing that is usually taken into account if you want to explore Japan is the budget. Prices for food, hotels and other accommodation are quite high.

So, make sure to have loose savings so that your holiday moments are truly enjoyable.

Lastly, Seoul, South Korea, fans of Korean dramas or K-pop will definitely make South Korea the first country they want to visit. Various former shooting spots for popular dramas are quite often visited.

This country also has four seasons so you can experience winter and autumn here. You shouldn't miss Korean food such as toppoki and kimbab.

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