Unlike Trump, Biden is not being prosecuted in the case of his handling of secret documents Unlike Trump, Biden is not being prosecuted in the case of his handling of secret documents

Unlike Trump, Biden is not being prosecuted in the case of his handling of secret documents

Unlike Trump, Biden is not being prosecuted in the case of his handling of secret documents

The Washington Post revealed that a US prosecutor prepared a report criticizing the way President Biden and his aides handled confidential official documents, “without recommending any prosecutions against him.”

The newspaper said, "This report, prepared by Attorney General Robert Hoare specially assigned to investigate this case, will be published in the next few days."

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hoare as special prosecutor in this case after official documents classified as “top secret” dating back to the period when the current president was Vice President Barack Obama were found in 2022 in an old office of US President Joe Biden in Delaware. According to the newspaper.

Similar to what happened with the current president, investigators found documents classified as “top secret” at the residence of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, but Trump is being criminally prosecuted for this matter on charges of negligence in handling secret documents, according to what the French news agency reported.

The agency said, "Trump pleaded not guilty to this charge, for which he was referred for trial before the federal judiciary based on a decision issued by another special prosecutor, Jack Smith. Smith accused the former president of endangering national security by keeping documents related, especially to nuclear issues, after leaving the White House." Trump kept these documents, including files for the Pentagon and the CIA, at his residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida, and according to the indictment, some of these documents were stacked in an organized manner and some were placed on the floor.

The agency added, "Unlike Trump, Biden admitted that there had been a 'mistake' in his management of these documents, which were removed 'unintentionally.'

According to the Washington Post, “There are major differences between the cases of Biden and Trump regarding the issue of secret documents.”

According to the newspaper, “the number of documents related to the Biden case is less than 20, while there are about 300 documents in the Trump case.”

Biden wins the Nevada primary and Nikki Haley loses to "nobody"

US President Joe Biden won the primary elections in Nevada, while Republican candidate Nikki Haley lost despite the absence of former President Donald Trump's name on the ballot.
In the Democratic Party primary elections in the state, which is classified as "swing", that is, not affiliated with any party, Biden obtained 88% of the votes.

As for the Republican Party, voters were given the option on the ballot to select a box labeled “None of These Candidates,” despite their inability to write the name. This option won 60.40% of the votes, compared to 33.24% for Haley. Mike Pence 4.2%, Tim Scott 1.3%, and John Castro 0.3%.

Trump's name was not on the ballot because he will participate in the Republican Party-run caucus in Nevada on Thursday instead.

The caucus will award all of the state's 26 delegates to the winner, who is expected to be the former president.

The Hill website said that the fact that Haley lost to “nobody” constitutes an embarrassment for the candidate, who said she was the best candidate in the general election to face President Joe Biden, the likely Democratic nominee.

The new state law requires a preferred presidential primary, but the Nevada Republican Party continued to push forward with the old caucus system anyway.

After choosing to participate in the primary elections, Haley was banned from participating in the caucus.

Trump won the states of Iowa and New Hampshire last month, and he is far ahead of Haley in South Carolina, the state to which Haley belongs and the next state that will vote in the Republican Party lineup with the Republican Party primaries on February 24.

The state of Nevada represents Biden's second official victory in the primary elections after his victory in South Carolina on Saturday with 96% of the votes.

Biden also won the New Hampshire primary on January 23, but the contest was unsanctioned after a dispute between the state party and the Democratic National Committee over the committee's decision to place South Carolina ahead of New Hampshire on the primary calendar.
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