Atypical causes of runny nose Atypical causes of runny nose

Atypical causes of runny nose

Atypical causes of runny nose

A runny nose at first glance seems like a simple disease, but behind these symptoms there can be various causes and serious diseases.

According to Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, in the case of chronic runny nose or irregular symptoms, a specialist should be consulted to diagnose the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The doctor points out that polyps are soft, non-dangerous growths that can grow in the nasal passages and cause difficulty breathing, a weak sense of smell, and other annoying things. When necessary, these growths can be removed, but the patient must then remain under health supervision and continue treatment.

Foreign bodies and deviated nasal septum - Foreign bodies in the nose of children, especially young ones, can pose a threat to their health and lives, so they require immediate medical attention. Also, a deviated nasal septum causes difficulty breathing through the nose in addition to other problems, so it may require surgical intervention to correct it.

Sinusitis - Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus, leading to pain in the forehead and face.

There are different types of sinusitis, each of which has its own distinctive characteristics and requires specific methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Allergies and non-allergic sinusitis

According to the doctor, 40 percent of cases of nasal congestion are allergic and resemble bronchial asthma, so it cannot be completely treated.

Allergic rhinitis is usually associated with exposure to allergens such as pollen, dust, and household fur. Symptoms can appear as nasal congestion or coughing and sneezing. As for non-allergic sinusitis, it may be caused by various factors, such as odors, alcohol, foreign particles, or medications, which requires a special method to diagnose and treat it for each patient.

Treatment and prevention . Treatment may include the use of medications, physical therapy, and surgery if necessary. To prevent the recurrence of a runny nose, you must follow the recommendations of the treating physician, avoid allergens (for allergic rhinitis), and maintain nasal cleanliness.

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