Cheap foods and drinks that mimic the effects of Viagra Cheap foods and drinks that mimic the effects of Viagra

Cheap foods and drinks that mimic the effects of Viagra

Cheap foods and drinks that mimic the effects of Viagra

Viagra is a lifesaver drug for treating erectile dysfunction, but according to experts, it has been shown that some cheap foods and drinks can mimic the effects of the blue pill's properties.

During a live talk show, Dr. Michael Mosley emphasized the Viagra-like benefits of beets, saying that these vegetables help dilate blood vessels, which improves flow to the reproductive organs and lowers blood pressure, just like how Viagra works.

Dr. Mosley added: “For those interested in the biochemistry (the science part), beets are rich in nitrates. Nitrates are converted by bacteria in your mouth into nitric oxide. This causes blood vessels to dilate. Which lowers blood pressure. And what it does, especially with... "Older people, it gives them a boost so they can become more active."

But beets aren't the only food with sexual drug-like powers.

Studies have revealed another group of foods and drinks that have been scientifically proven to have effects similar to Viagra:

1. Strawberry

Men may be able to avoid ED if they eat plenty of strawberries and raspberries.

These foods are rich in some flavonoids, which one study indicated may help prevent this condition.

One study that followed more than 25,000 men and their diets for more than two decades found that those who ate at least three servings a week of strawberries were 14 percent less likely to have erectile dysfunction problems.

This type of study offers men an opportunity to make a lifestyle change that doesn't involve taking medication, Dr. Thomas Jaffe of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center told

2. Coffee

An American study found that men who consumed coffee reported that they did not face the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Scientists from the University of Texas found that men over the age of 20 who drank the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee per day were less likely to report problems with erectile dysfunction compared to men who did not drink coffee.

The association was stronger in overweight men.

3. Dark chocolate

It may come as a surprise that chocolate is linked to increased libido, but, according to leading nutritionist Christine Stavridis: “This is likely due to the high amount of caffeine found in dark chocolate.”

To clarify, consuming high levels of caffeine dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the reproductive organs, making orgasm easier and increasing the likelihood of an erection.

A 2005 study found a relationship between caffeine and increased sexual activity among rodents. However, we cannot be completely sure that caffeine has the same effect on the sexual organs in humans.

“Dark chocolate contains high amounts of the amino acid L-arginine, which has been shown to enhance blood flow and may increase satisfaction and desire,” Kirsten added.


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