Russian forces destroy a new American Abrams tank Russian forces destroy a new American Abrams tank

Russian forces destroy a new American Abrams tank

Russian forces destroy a new American Abrams tank

Sunday, in the town of Berdachi on the Avdiivka axis, Russian army units destroyed a new American Abrams tank that was sent to the Ukrainian forces.

The Russian "Solovyov" channel indicated that Russian forces targeted the tank's track with a grenade launcher, then destroyed it by soldiers of the 30th Motorized Rifle Brigade from Samara using a ground attack aircraft.

On February 27, the Russian army documented the destruction of the first American Abrams tank in the special operation area, which was in the possession of Kiev forces in Avdiivka, and it appeared in the video burning after Russian fire turned it into pieces.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov indicated that the Russian army confirmed from the beginning that Abrams tanks would be burned like other tanks , stressing that the army continues to demilitarize Ukraine on a daily basis.

Yan Gagin, advisor to the President of the Donetsk Republic, Denis Pushilin, confirmed that any  foreign equipment will be destroyed  and that new weapons supplies to Kiev will face the same fate as previous weapons, as they will be melted down in order to be used for the reconstruction of Donbass cities.

Last weekend, the Ukrainian newspaper Strana reported that  Kiev forces have been using an Abrams tank for more than a month  on the Avdiivka axis. The American tank appears in the video published by Ukrainian media as it wanders through a destroyed village and fires from its cannon.

At the end of September 2023, the New York Times, citing representatives of the Pentagon, reported that the first batch of American Abrams tanks had arrived in Ukraine.

In mid-October, the representative of the US Army Command in Europe and Africa, Colonel Martin O'Donnell, told the Ukrainian "Freedom" website that the United States had delivered to Ukraine the entire batch it had previously promised, which included 31 Abrams tanks.

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