The occupation bombs civilian homes in Gaza and the World Health Organization: Destruction beyond words The occupation bombs civilian homes in Gaza and the World Health Organization: Destruction beyond words

The occupation bombs civilian homes in Gaza and the World Health Organization: Destruction beyond words

The occupation bombs civilian homes in Gaza and the World Health Organization: Destruction beyond words

Dozens of Palestinians were killed and injured as a result of the intense Israeli bombing of civilian homes and various areas of the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization announced its inability to deliver some aid to Al-Shifa Hospital, north of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation army launched intensive raids on various areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries, coinciding with the 148th day since the outbreak of the Israeli war on the besieged Strip.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip stated, in a statement on Saturday, that “the Israeli occupation committed 10 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 92 martyrs and 156 injured during the past 24 hours.”

The statement explained that "the toll of the Israeli aggression has risen to 30,320 martyrs and 71,533 injured" since last October 7.

He also pointed out that "there are still a number of victims under the rubble and on the roads, and the occupation is preventing ambulance and civil defense crews from reaching them."

Targeting civilian homes

The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa), citing local sources, said that the occupation warplanes targeted two houses east of Deir al-Balah (central), killing 15 people and wounding dozens who were transferred to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital. While civil defense crews continue to search the rubble of the two targeted homes.

The occupation army bombed the Imam Al-Bukhari Mosque in the Al-Baraka area in Deir Al-Balah, which led to the death and injury of dozens of displaced people who were living in shelter tents in the vicinity of the mosque.

Wafa also reported that the occupation forces also bombed, last Friday evening, a house in Jabalia Camp (north), housing 70 people.

The Palestinian Agency reported that two martyrs were transferred to the hospital, while civil defense crews searched through the rubble of the house, amid talk of a massacre.

Beit Lahia, the Sheikh Zayed area, and the eastern area of ​​Jabalia camp also witnessed a series of military aircraft raids.

The occupation aircraft launched a series of air strikes on homes inhabited by civilians in the neighborhoods of Al-Zaytoun, Tal Al-Hawa, Al-Sabra, and Al-Darraj in Gaza City, resulting in at least 10 deaths and dozens of injuries.

The occupation artillery fired more than 6 shells towards homes in Tal al-Hawa, wounding 5 citizens with various injuries.

In Beit Hanoun (north), 3 Palestinians were martyred, and 7 others were injured, in an artillery shelling that targeted a group of civilians, while they were trying to collect some herbs, to satisfy their hunger, due to the continued bombing, and the occupation preventing the entry of aid.

In Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, two Palestinians were martyred, and 15 others, including children, were injured as a result of the occupation’s artillery shelling of the central and eastern regions.

A young man was killed, and 4 others were injured, in a bombing that targeted the Japanese neighborhood, west of the city.

Six other Palestinians were also killed in a bombing that targeted a car and a school housing displaced people in Hamad Town in Khan Yunis.

As for Rafah, an Israeli drone bombed a car in the Al-Shaboura neighborhood, killing two Palestinians and wounding another, who was transferred to the Kuwaiti Hospital.

A child was also martyred, and others were injured, as a result of an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Yabna camp, in the center of the border city with Egypt.

Ambulance crews recovered the body of a martyr from Al-Rashid Street in Gaza City, which brings the number of martyrs of the massacre committed by the occupation against civilians while they were waiting for an aid convoy, last Thursday, to 116 martyrs.

Devastation beyond words

In a related development, the Director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, pointed out in a post on the X platform on Saturday that the organization and its partners were able to reach Al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza to deliver 19,000 liters of fuel after more than a month.

Ghebreyesus stated that they provided treatment to 50 children suffering from severe malnutrition, and life-saving medical supplies to 150 patients.

He added: "More than 240 patients are receiving service from a large number of volunteer health workers. Services are very limited due to the lack of medical supplies, fuel, water and food."

He added, "The level of destruction surrounding the hospital is beyond words," reiterating his call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

As a result of the war and Israeli restrictions, the residents of Gaza, especially the Gaza and North governorates, are on the verge of famine, in light of a severe scarcity of food, water, medicine and fuel supplies, with the displacement of about two million Palestinians from the Strip, which Israel has besieged for 17 years.

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