The US Army is exposed to the largest embezzlement crime in its history! The US Army is exposed to the largest embezzlement crime in its history!

The US Army is exposed to the largest embezzlement crime in its history!

The US Army is exposed to the largest embezzlement crime in its history!

The director of financial programs for children and youth services at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, admitted to embezzling $108 billion from the US military, which she spent on purchasing 31 homes and 70 cars.

Investigations indicate that Janet Yamanaka Milo (57 years old) stole millions of dollars from the army’s funds, and wasted them on buying jewelry, clothes, luxury cars, and real estate, in one of the largest fraud crimes the army has ever been exposed to.

Under the charges, Janet faces up to 125 years in prison.

It created a fake company called Child Health and Youth Lifelong Development in 2016.

Janet used the company to embezzle money that was supposed to go to the children of military personnel, then used it to support her lavish lifestyle.

Her scheme collapsed in January 2024, when criminal investigators from the Internal Revenue Service teamed up with Army investigators to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to convict her criminally.

Janet plans to confess to the crime of fraud and tax evasion through the guilty plea documents she signed, which were submitted to the court on Wednesday, February 28.

The signed documents said that the fraudster stole $108 billion in less than 7 years, using her fake company.

The embezzler succeeded in accumulating 80 cars and 31 properties within 5 states. Federal prosecutors allege that she lived a life of luxury and lavishness that clearly did not match her annual government salary, which amounts to $130,000.

Janet submitted fraudulent papers on many occasions, and deposited grants into her fake company's account 40 times, through which she obtained more than $100 million, according to what the documents allege.

Details of the transactions reveal that she transferred $264,874 from the company’s account last year, in order to buy herself a 2023 Range Rover.

She also sent herself $3,308,157 to buy a property in Canyon Lake, Texas, according to the documents.

The court listed in its documents a total of 78 luxury cars and motorcycles owned by Janet, and demanded those assets in the confiscation decision. The vehicles included numerous Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Tesla, Land Rover and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

In addition to her motor vehicle assets, the court listed 31 properties that Janet also owned. These properties were divided between several states, and included palaces worth more than $3 million, many farms, sprawling agricultural acres, and ordinary and furnished apartments in high-rise and luxury buildings.

Janet divided her properties between Texas, Maryland, Colorado, Washington, and New Mexico, while the prosecution claims that she bought them all with fraudulent money.

The documents also allege that Janet has 6 bank accounts, each with balances of no less than $32,000.

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