What is the danger of hormonal medications? What is the danger of hormonal medications?

What is the danger of hormonal medications?

What is the danger of hormonal medications?

Dr. Alexander Ediger, a toxicologist and pharmacologist, points out that taking hormonal medications is fraught with many negative consequences for human health.

According to him, these medications cause a major imbalance in the body’s systems and balances, and people often do not know this and take them uncontrollably, including hormonal birth control pills.

The specialist describes the intervention with the hormonal system as a “dramatic step,” stressing that doctors are currently forced to prescribe it for a range of diseases. Patients are usually prescribed "large doses of hormones", which can cause serious illnesses and even disability. Therefore, the doctor urges you to always weigh the risks before starting to take hormones.

He says: “The introduction of a hormone from outside, whether it is a natural hormone or a synthetic or semi-synthetic hormone, always constitutes a major imbalance in systems and balances, and this is never without consequences. One of them, which is absolutely indisputable, is of course the reduction of human life.”

According to him, it is best to avoid oral contraceptives, as they increase the risk of blood clots, ovarian dysfunction, migraines and depression.

He says: "The most important question, which has not yet been resolved, and many studies are being conducted on this subject, is the risk of developing malignant tumors as a result of using (contraceptives)."

In conclusion, the specialist recommends being especially careful when prescribing such medications to children, because hormonal treatment can slow down the development of the child’s reproductive system, affecting the rest of his life.


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