Abu Marzouk: Talk about Hamas leaving Qatar is incorrect propaganda. If we leave, we will go to Jordan Abu Marzouk: Talk about Hamas leaving Qatar is incorrect propaganda. If we leave, we will go to Jordan

Abu Marzouk: Talk about Hamas leaving Qatar is incorrect propaganda. If we leave, we will go to Jordan

Abu Marzouk: Talk about Hamas leaving Qatar is incorrect propaganda. If we leave, we will go to Jordan

Member of the Hamas Political Bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk, said on Monday that talk about the movement leaving Qatar is baseless media propaganda.

He added in an exclusive interview with the Iranian Al-Alam News Channel that: “The news regarding the transfer of the Hamas leadership from Qatar was fabricated in the media to blackmail Hamas in negotiations to exchange Palestinian prisoners for Israeli prisoners... The Hamas leadership was in Jordan first, until it asked Qatar to host it, so we moved from Jordan.” To Qatar...and the published news that we will go to Iraq, Syria, Turkey and others is media propaganda to put pressure on the Qataris.”

Abu Marzouk added: “All of this is fabricated by the media to force Qatar to pressure Hamas to obtain concessions in the prisoner exchange negotiations. Most of Hamas’ leaders are Jordanian and hold Jordanian passports, so all these talks are worthless. If they were to leave (Qatar), they would go to Jordan because It has a hospitable and generous people who support the resistance, and our relationship with the regime in Jordan is also good, and we have no problem staying in this country.”

He added: "The problem is that the United States was the one that forced Qatar to accept the leadership of Hamas. If there was no American pressure, the leaders of Hamas would go to their natural place, which is Jordan, but these stories are fake and there is no problem between us and the Qataris."

A member of the Hamas political bureau also pointed out that “Hamas is engaged in a global war with America, other Western countries, and the Zionist entity. Despite this issue, it will resist the Zionist regime with all force, and it has a clear vision in this field, so we are the ones who determine the fate of the war, not the regime.” The Zionist or the United States thought they could destroy Hamas within a week and draw the map of Gaza the way they wanted.”

Abu Marzouk explained, “The United States and the Zionist entity announced at the beginning that they wanted to destroy Hamas and the Al-Qassam Brigades, release the Israeli prisoners, and replace Hamas with their desired government in Gaza, but they did not and will not achieve any of these goals. They even failed to manage the Rafah crossing, until they were forced to agree to Hamas returns to its administration. They tried to create chaos in Gaza by bringing in their mercenaries under the guise of guards for humanitarian aid, but they failed in this plot, so whatever they want to do in Gaza, they have to coordinate with Hamas, and Hamas is the one who will shape the future.”

The member of Hamas' political bureau added that the movement "welcomes the Palestinian Authority, but without forcing it." He said: "It is wrong for the enemy to have the last word in Gaza through its forces and military tools. On the other hand, we must talk about the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza."

He continued, "Our ultimate goal is the unity of the Palestinian nation and to have a clear national position, but not with the decision of the United States, the Zionist regime, the international community, or regional powers, but with the decision of the Palestinian people, and that it is this people who choose their leadership and decide their future."

He continued: “We have no objection to a Palestinian running Gaza, whether it is the Liberation Organization or the Palestinian government, but there must be an understanding about that. We said that clearly to our brothers in Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, and stressed that they must come and form a government in Gaza.” “In which there will be competent Palestinian forces, and competent people will govern the Palestinian groups in Gaza with understanding in order to form a government... We welcome this issue more than anything else, but no government should be imposed on us by America or the countries of the region.”

He added: "We have welcomed all the proposals of the Fatah movement, the Liberation Organization and the Palestinian authorities in this regard, but we believe that the Palestinian people are the ones who should choose the future government in Gaza. We have reached a good point regarding the war and aid to Gaza and the need to end the genocide there."


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