Benefits of red cabbage Benefits of red cabbage

Benefits of red cabbage

Benefits of red cabbage
Dr. Natalia Denisova, a Russian nutrition expert, points out that red cabbage is rich in vitamins and nutrients, but unfortunately we rarely include it in our dishes.

The doctor says: “Red cabbage is distinguished by its content of anthocyanin pigments, which are biologically active plant pigment substances that give the cabbage a unique purple color. These substances protect the body’s cells from harmful external influences. That is, they prevent processes that lead to cell death or their transformation into cancer. They also work It improves the rheological properties of the blood. This means that the blood becomes more fluid, the walls of the blood vessels are protected and become denser, and the “deposition” of atherosclerotic plaques on them decreases, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The expert points out that red cabbage is superior to regular cabbage by containing a higher percentage of the antioxidant vitamin C, increases the elasticity and durability of blood vessels, and thins the blood, preventing the formation of clots. 100 grams of red cabbage contain 57 mg of vitamin C, which is equivalent to 63 percent of the body’s daily need for this vitamin. In addition, red cabbage contains vitamin K (100 grams of it contain 32 percent of the body’s daily requirement). The importance of this vitamin lies in its participation in the blood formation process.”


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