Doctor: Bowel cleansing 'medieval nonsense' Doctor: Bowel cleansing 'medieval nonsense'

Doctor: Bowel cleansing 'medieval nonsense'

Doctor: Bowel cleansing 'medieval nonsense'
Dr. Alexander Myasnikov points out that many people, in their quest for lightning-fast healing and rejuvenation, and getting rid of toxins, resort randomly to information and recipes published on the Internet.

According to him, blindly trusting such information can be dangerous, especially when it comes to the health of an important organ like the intestine.

Cleansing the intestines is one of the popular topics on the Internet, as there are many articles and videos presenting and presenting different recipes to achieve this goal - cleaning the intestines.

According to him, all such publications should be classified as "medieval nonsense."

He says: “In general, these articles should not be read. We must understand that the intestine is a very important organ on which public health and the immune system depend, and this particularly includes the large intestine, and using these prescriptions is a direct path to developing tumors.”

Myasnikov points out that the use of methods published on the Internet leads to an imbalance in the intestinal microbiome, and microorganisms that have adapted to live in the human digestive system are particularly harmed.


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