The perfect amount of ice cream per day The perfect amount of ice cream per day

The perfect amount of ice cream per day

The perfect amount of ice cream per day
Dr. Angelica Duval, a Russian nutrition expert, determined the ideal amount of ice cream that can be eaten per day without causing any harm to health.

The expert points out that the ideal amount is “one serving” of ice cream, because this product contains 400 calories.

She says: “These calories are enough to perform intense physical activity for two hours. If we take into account that we do not eat ice cream alone during the day, but rather eat different types of food, it is not recommended to eat ice cream every day, because it contains a large surplus of additional calories.” "It cannot be burned easily."
According to him, you should eat ice cream that does not contain dyes, chemical elements, emulsifiers and preservatives.

She says: “The basic principle is to choose a natural product, even if it is not attractive and beautiful, because it can be decorated with jam, for example, and the main thing is to eat ice cream in the first half of the day, so that the person has enough time to burn the calories he has obtained.”

In addition, the doctor warns against eating ice cream in the street, because it picks up pollution from the air.

She says: “Eating ice cream can cause an allergic reaction and even various cases of poisoning. If someone sneezes somewhere, the bacteria will immediately spread in an area of ​​up to half a meter, so it is best to eat this product at home or in a closed place.” ".


  1. Ice creams are one of the most delicious desserts in the summer.

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