Health warning for expired skin care products Health warning for expired skin care products

Health warning for expired skin care products

Health warning for expired skin care products
Health experts have warned against using expired skin care products, due to their dangerous effects.

Recently, a video clip went viral on TikTok, garnering 31.6 million views and 1.9 million likes, showing the painful reaction one woman suffered after using expired skin care products and incorrect aftercare, according to a Wales Online report.

One of the comments below the post said: “Any time you use a product after its expiration date, you risk the chemicals decomposing and bacteria multiplying.”

“The most obvious drawback to using expired skincare products is that they may not be as effective as new products,” said Susie Ma, CEO and founder of Tropic Skincare. “So, if you use an expired face cream, you may not get the same moisturizing benefits.” Or the anti-aging you get from a new cream.”

“In fact, expired facial products can cause skin irritation, pimples, and long-term skin problems,” she added.

She further explained: “There are also certain rules that must be observed when using skin care products. The TikTok user says that she used a steamer after using an expired product because she thought it would help, but this actually caused a bacterial infection, and thus more irritation.” .

Susie gave her expert advice on how to determine if skincare products have expired, saying: “First, check the packaging for the ‘period after opening’ symbol. This symbol refers to the shelf life of the product after opening, which usually ranges from 6 Up to 24 months If the product does not have this symbol, you can try checking the ingredients list for “use by” or “expiration date”.

She added: "Another way to know if your skin care products have expired is to pay attention to their appearance and texture. They may have a strange smell, change in color or texture, or separation of ingredients."

How you store skin care products can also affect their quality, so they should be kept in a cool, dark place.


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