Signs indicating thyroid disease Signs indicating thyroid disease

Signs indicating thyroid disease

Signs indicating thyroid disease
Endocrinologist Dr. Natalia Tananakina revealed the signs that indicate thyroid diseases.

The doctor points out that the thyroid gland is one of the largest and most important organs of the human endocrine system, as it produces hormones that contribute to regulating the metabolism process, which affects the body’s growth process. It is also responsible for the immune system's work in fighting infections and affects a person's mood and appearance. According to statistics, one-third of the Earth's population suffers from thyroid problems. There are various causes that lead to thyroid diseases: genetics, excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, viral and bacterial infections, chronic nasopharyngeal diseases, and decreased immunity.

According to her, hypothyroidism, hyperactivity, enlargement and nodules (which can lead to the development of cancer), and autoimmune thyroiditis are the most common thyroid diseases. The danger of thyroid disorders is that they are often considered symptoms of other diseases.

Most thyroid diseases are associated with a lack of iodine in the diet, as a deficiency of this element leads to its enlargement and changes in the body’s performance.

She says: “The following symptoms may indicate the presence of thyroid disease: increased anxiety, problems with memory and concentration, fatigue and exhaustion, excess weight without changing the diet, decreased sexual desire, menstrual disturbances, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure, pain in the muscles and joints.” , poor reproduction, feeling of a lump in the throat, hair loss, brittle hair, dry skin, and disturbance of the heat exchange process.”

The doctor recommends that you consult a specialist doctor when such symptoms appear, as diagnosing the cause early helps you recover from the disease.


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