“The Egyptian army is ready.” An expert explains the messages of the Egyptian forces to Israel “The Egyptian army is ready.” An expert explains the messages of the Egyptian forces to Israel

“The Egyptian army is ready.” An expert explains the messages of the Egyptian forces to Israel

“The Egyptian army is ready.” An expert explains the messages of the Egyptian forces to Israel
Egyptian military expert Major General Mohamed Abdel Wahed commented on the Egyptian Second Army's field maneuvers with live ammunition a few days ago.

Major General Abdul Wahed said in statements to RT that the military maneuver that took place, although it falls within the training schedule for this year, was timed at a very precise, extremely important and sensitive time.

He added that there are many messages from this maneuver, the most prominent of which is of course that the Egyptian army is fully prepared and ready for combat, adding that the purpose of this maneuver is also good training for the Egyptian army elements, logistical support, and a practical demonstration of the process of storming the enemy’s defenses with preliminary air strikes for the entry of infantry and armored elements.

He noted that this maneuver uses live ammunition to raise the combat efficiency of the Egyptian soldiers and identify the strengths and weaknesses, noting that there are military messages and also political messages, most importantly to the Egyptian interior, reassuring him that his army is fully prepared to confront any hostilities and deter anyone who dares to harm Egypt’s national security. This, of course, reflects positively on the Egyptian interior, and there are also messages abroad stating that Egypt will not stand idly by in the face of any violation of national security. These are messages of political, military and media deterrence.

The military expert noted that another message from this maneuver is that any military confrontation between the Egyptian army and Israel will not have good consequences, and thus the pressure on Israel will increase.

Egyptian Defense Minister Mohamed Zaki had sent a message to the army forces during the main phase of the tactical project implemented by one of the units of the Second Field Army using live ammunition.

The main phase of the project included managing the combat operations to storm the front border of the enemy’s defenses with the assistance of the air force, which carried out reconnaissance, security and assistance missions to support the combat operations of the forces conducting the attack, under the cover of air defense means and weapons, and with artillery support, to destroy reserves and confuse and destroy the enemy command and control centers.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, indicated that the activities and training missions carried out for the Armed Forces provide a message of reassurance to the great Egyptian people about their Armed Forces and their permanent combat readiness, explaining that the Armed Forces are working with every effort to preserve the combat systems, weapons and equipment they possess. It is working to develop its performance to maximize its use of the available capabilities.

He also stressed the important and effective role played by the Egyptian state in supporting the Palestinian cause throughout history and that the current situation is being dealt with with the utmost wisdom to support and preserve the cause and support the Palestinian brothers on the basis of the two-state solution, pointing out that preserving Sinai is not complete without comprehensive development.


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