Why are bee numbers declining globally? Why are bee numbers declining globally?

Why are bee numbers declining globally?

Why are bee numbers declining globally?
Some Russian experts warned of the decline in bee numbers in the world, and pointed out the reasons that lead to this problem.

On the subject, Mikhail Charny, an expert at the Russian food group FoodNet NTI, which specializes in the field of food, said: “Bees are dying due to the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides, and also due to acid rain. The biggest problem is that queen bees rarely lay eggs. The hive is for mating only, and the rest of the time the worker bees feed it, and when the queen is fed food contaminated with pesticides, she is poisoned and dies, and thus the process of reproduction in the hive stops, and with it the appearance of new queens stops.”

He added: "All agricultural institutions and land reclamation institutions must warn beekeepers before they spray pesticides, so that the bees are quarantined in the hives for a day or two so that they are not exposed to deadly pesticides."

For his part, Russian environmental expert Leonid Khazanov said: “The numbers of bees are declining around the world, and experts began noticing this 15 years ago, due to widespread deforestation, the use of pesticides, air pollution and other factors, and this matter may cause huge losses.” for the global economy.”

The expert pointed out that "the work of bees is closely linked to the planet's ecosystem. These insects pollinate not only wild plants, but also agricultural plants, and there is no alternative to them. In one day, a swarm of bees can pollinate up to two million flowers, and a human cannot." Or for machines to do the same thing.”


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