Why did the Chinese spy reveal the Chinese espionage operation after 15 years? Why did the Chinese spy reveal the Chinese espionage operation after 15 years?

Why did the Chinese spy reveal the Chinese espionage operation after 15 years?

Why did the Chinese spy reveal the Chinese espionage operation after 15 years?
A Chinese spy who worked for China's state security agency for 15 years recently defected to Australia, revealing that the Chinese spy agency set up a trap to kidnap RFA cartoonist Wang Liming years ago. Indeed, these secrets have been receiving intense attention since they were revealed by an exclusive report on Australia's ABC's Four Corners program.

"If we continue to hold fast to the truth, one day the dawn will come!" »

Wang Liming, a cartoonist reporter of Free Asia Capital known in the Internet as "Rebel Pepper", said in an exclusive interview with our radio station that this incident actually happened when he was living in Japan before working in Free Asia Capital. reminded. At the time, he said, a company in Cambodia offered him a high-paying job where he could use his talents in cartooning and branding. In his speech, he explained that the so-called "attractive" work at that time was actually a trap set up by China to arrest itself, and that it is a very scary and terrifying thing to be revealed today.

Wang Liming said: "This is between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, that is, the kidnapping plot happened during my time in Japan before I came to the United States. The man, who was originally a Chinese spy named Xiao Yang, revealed his identity in an interview with Australia's ABC channel, saying that he had worked for the Chinese National Security Agency for 15 years. According to the reporter, he used to be a Chinese opposition member of a democratic party based in China. Because of this, he was arrested by the Chinese police at the time and forced to continue being a ``Chinese opposition'' and spying for them in the Chinese National Security Agency. Since then, he has worked as a Chinese spy for a total of about 15 years. The Chinese spy told this reporter that he also contacted other people in foreign countries.

Wang Liming explained why this Chinese spy revealed the Chinese self-abduction plot after so many years.

 "However, this man has collected a lot of material about his work with his leaders in espionage operations over a period of 15 years. But last year, he felt that his affairs were exposed and in danger, so he fled first to Thailand and then to Australia. Soon after he arrived in Australia, he contacted Australian intelligence and provided them with all the information he had gathered. Later, he also contacted Australia's ABC radio channel, informed them of these events, and the channel's reporters found that my name was among the information provided by him. So the reporter of that channel contacted me. »

 "China's espionage should be attacked by legal means"

 "Washington Times" national security correspondent Bill Gertz (Bill Gertz) received an exclusive interview with our radio station. In response, he noted that he had also published an article in The Washington Times about the recent defection of a Chinese spy. He said:

 "Looking at the background of the incident, this is the disclosure of Chinese information by a fugitive National Security Agency spy, which is extremely rare. Because the spy revealed secrets of the Chinese National Security Agency's foreign operations. In particular, overseas Chinese have exposed a covert campaign aimed at abducting anti-Communist opposition. So, we need to spread the word more. I think the US Congress should hold a video conference with this fugitive spy to discuss how China's intelligence agencies are conducting cross-border repression. This is because the Chinese intelligence agencies are using foreign spies to suppress the opposition by using various means. »

He added: "I think it is necessary to expose all the intelligence agencies, including the United Ministry, which is known as China's intelligence agency, and attack them through legal means and measures, as well as by raising the public's awareness of this matter." »

During the interview, Wang Liming claimed that the political cartoons he drew for many years about Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, and human rights abuses in China were the reasons why China kidnapped him. He said that in 2014, he and his wife went on a 3-month trip to Japan and never thought of staying in Japan. When their trip to Japan ended and they were about to return to China, they were subjected to a series of threatening actions by the Chinese government. Among them, he found an article by a Chinese propaganda agency that said, "People like Rebel Pepper should be brought to court and severely punished." In addition, all of his social media accounts were disabled during his trip to Japan. Also, the online bank account was canceled and the online store was frozen. This series of attacks made the Chinese government feel that it was a serious threat and decided not to return to China.

"I hope to continue to stand up against the human rights abuses being carried out by China against the Uyghurs." »

Wang Liming said that the various traps, conspiracies, threats and repressions that the Chinese government has been carrying out against him for years are a terrible thing, but it is a powerful force for the creation of comics.

 "Not long after I started drawing political comics, I read and admired the words of a Taiwanese cartoonist that ``a picture in political comics speaks a thousand words.'' Of course, I have a feeling of fear, but this feeling also gives me the motivation to continue creating. I now realize more clearly that the more the Chinese government suppresses, the more medals and honors I have been awarded. So, in the future, I hope to continue to speak out against human rights abuses in China, especially against the Uyghurs, through more comic book creations. »

Wang Liming said that in the 1960s, as a result of the "opening up and revitalizing the border areas" policy, his parents moved from Shanghai to Uyghur, where they were called "the intellectual youth of the decline" and lived there for more than 20 years. He was born in the Uyghur region and spent his childhood there. Since 2017, his comic book creation has focused on exposing the violent policies of China against Uyghurs. In his speech, he mentioned that it is important for a journalist to stick to the truth at a time when the Chinese government's repressive policies are continuing domestically, especially in the Uyghur region.

 "I think it is necessary for a reporter to insist on reporting the truth, and for a cartoonist reporter to insist on drawing the truth. Because the Chinese Communist Party's goal is to suppress us by killing us. If we remain silent, he will be victorious. So, if we stick to telling the truth and keep at it, I believe that one day the dawn will come!”

Iris Hsu, CPJ's China representative, was also interviewed by email. In his letter, China's violent suppression of the opposition and critical journalism is troubling. He further argued that this is a disgrace and a manifestation of the erosion of moral conscience in society.

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