Worrying symptoms of lung disease Worrying symptoms of lung disease

Worrying symptoms of lung disease

Worrying symptoms of lung disease
Dr. Andre Nefedov, an oncologist and surgeon, points out that many people only see doctors when they suffer from symptoms that last for a long time.

According to him, lung diseases, as a rule, reveal themselves immediately. Therefore, you should not neglect it and consult a doctor as soon as it appears.

He says: “In most cases, early diagnosis helps improve the outcome of treatment, so it is important to consult a doctor when the first warning signs appear, such as a cough that lasts for more than three weeks, with a change in its character - the appearance of hoarseness, strange phlegm, or even blood.” "You should pay attention to shortness of breath, chest pain, especially if it worsens with deep breathing or coughing, a constant feeling of fatigue or weakness, wheezing, and unexplained weight loss."

The specialist points out that these signs indicate many different problems in the respiratory system.
He says: “Usually, when the first symptoms appear, people start searching for information on the Internet, which causes extreme fear and frustration. But when consulting a doctor, a person often learns that his condition is not as bad as he thinks. And the diagnosis that he made himself, as a rule, “It does not correspond to reality at all, and the person’s attempt to self-medicate leads to blurring the clinical picture, which then becomes difficult to determine the true cause of his illness.”

Among all respiratory diseases, lung cancer has been described as particularly dangerous. Its development depends on the person's lifestyle.

He says: "It has been proven that smoking causes lung cancer. Regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and others negatively affect the condition of the respiratory system. Therefore, the best thing a person can do for his body is to quit smoking immediately. But many smokers continue to consume nicotine due to severe addiction." .

Based on this, smokers must take care of their health and periodically undergo a special examination to rule out lung cancer, which usually develops without clear symptoms in the early stage. Diagnosing lung cancer early greatly increases the chance of a complete recovery from it.

He says: “People aged 55-70 years who smoke one or more packs a day for 30 years should definitely undergo LDCT (low-dose CT scan), which takes about half an hour, with its help it is possible to detect even the smallest tumors in the lungs early.” It has been proven that such screening reduces the number of deaths from lung cancer by 20 percent.”


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