A new change in Instagram angers users A new change in Instagram angers users

A new change in Instagram angers users

A new change in Instagram angers users
Meta has confirmed that it is testing a feature that provides non-skippable ads in the Instagram application with a “temporary” display, as is the case on YouTube.

A user spotted this feature, which Instagram calls an “ad break,” for the first time over the weekend.

A number of Instagram users reported seeing non-skippable ad breaks appearing in their news feed, lasting for 10 seconds.

Clicking on the information button in the ad results in a message appearing saying: “You are watching an ad break. Ad breaks are a new way to see ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to watch an ad before you can continue browsing.”

Now, Meta has confirmed that this is a test of a new ad format that currently appears to be affecting a small number of users.

A Meta spokesperson told MailOnline: "We're always testing formats that can deliver value for advertisers. As we test and learn, we will provide updates if this testing results in any official changes to the product."

Meta's statement notes that the change may not be rolled out to all users, but the test has already sparked outrage.

“They need to know it's an app killer,” one commenter wrote on X. Another wrote that the ad breaks would serve as “exit notifications from Instagram.”

Many angry Instagram users threatened to stop using the social media platform forever if non-skippable ads became widespread.


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