About 20 Rohingya died due to heavy weapons in Maungdaw battle : Myanmar About 20 Rohingya died due to heavy weapons in Maungdaw battle : Myanmar

About 20 Rohingya died due to heavy weapons in Maungdaw battle : Myanmar

About 20 Rohingya died due to heavy weapons in Maungdaw battle : Myanmar

The Rakhine Army (AA) has been aggressively attacking in recent days to capture Maungdaw town on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. water, Residents told RFA that they are defending with air force from all sides.

gold lace Zentula, come to the theater Local Rohingyas said that in addition to Zula and No. 5 Wards, there are about twenty Rohingyas who have been killed this week and many others have been injured due to heavy weapons firing in the city and villages in Karrap. Details of civilian casualties are not yet known.

On June 27th, at around 12:30 noon, a house in Shweza Village was hit by a live ammunition explosion, killing two of a family of five and seriously injuring three, according to local residents. It is said that the artillery shell was fired by the Military Council troops stationed on the side of Zintula village.

"Because we are afraid, they leave the village and run away. All religions are suffering. Hindus, Muslims, Rakhine are all suffering."

A Rohingya resident of Maungdaw, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA that a person is killed by a large weapon every day in Maungdaw.

"They started shooting because there was AA. They started shooting, but there was no AA there. All of them fired heavy weapons at Muslim homes. Muslims died, because of heavy weapons. The other day, two women died. The other day, a 12-year-old child died. Every day, one or two people die. They took us from the front. They left the village because we were afraid. All religions are suffering. Hindus, Muslims, All Arakans are suffering"

On June 26, a Rohingya man was killed and another woman and two children were injured when a shell fired by the Military Council's No. 5 Border Guard Police Battalion, based in the city's capital city, exploded, hitting a house in the city's Kain Tan Ward, local residents said.

An elderly Rohingya woman from Maungdaw told RFA that because of the fighting, the Rohingyas cannot stay in one place and have to move and seek shelter in unsafe places in the city.

"We fought with the AA and the Military Council. The Military Council fired heavy weapons. They shot guns. They couldn't even go out on the streets there. People were in trouble. They had no place to live. They were living with other people. Two people died in our village. Two died today. If they fired heavy weapons, they were running here and there. They couldn't come and go. They were 90 years old."

The Rakhine Army (AA) has informed the people of the city to leave the city by 9:00 p.m. on June 16 in order to carry out the battle to capture Maungdaw. However, the residents are stuck in the city because of the fighting and the military council's blockade, they are unable to go outside.

Residents said that more than 4,000 Rohingya from the Shweza village near the city were evacuated to liberated areas by the Rakhine Army (AA) on June 26.

Another Rohingya from Maungdaw, who did not want to be named due to security reasons, told RFA that more than 2,000 Rohingya from that village have fled and taken refuge inside the city.

"The people who came to avoid the city were the Rakhine Army and they asked us to stay in the liberated area. Let's go for a while. The army (Military Council) did not ask us to move to the liberated area. Everything was closed from them and we from the road. That's why we are closed in the city. What we want to do is politically, no matter what they do, there are many people who are bombed and killed. There are many wounded and there are no doctors here. And our livelihood is from all sides. I'm having trouble."

The Rohingyas who have been fleeing from the city and nearby villages to the inner city are sheltering in nearby houses and schools. The Rohingya say they need food and medical aid.

Residents also said that there are currently around 30,000 people in Maungdaw town as some of the villages near the town have fled to the town.

Neither the military council nor the Rakhine Army (AA) have released any news about the situation in Maungdaw. RFA contacted Rakhine State Attorney General U Hla Thein, the spokesman for the military council, to inquire about the residents' statements, but he did not receive a response.


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