Ideal bedroom temperature Ideal bedroom temperature

Ideal bedroom temperature

Ideal bedroom temperature

Sleep experts have revealed the ideal bedroom temperature for a restful night of deep sleep.

Thermoregulation is defined as the body's ability to maintain its core temperature regardless of external temperatures.

About two hours before bedtime, the body begins to gradually cool down, Gloucestershire Live reports.

“If you keep your bedroom cool, you’re helping your body to sleep comfortably,” said a spokesperson for a company specialising in air quality devices. “On the other hand, if your bedroom is too hot, your body will become stressed, which means you’ll feel mentally and physically exhausted and will have difficulty actually sleeping.”

Sleep experts believe that the best bedroom temperature for most adults is between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius , and it should be dark and quiet. For children, a warmer room is generally better.

Additionally, older adults often experience lower levels of melatonin and cortisol and a general lower body temperature, which may necessitate raising the bedroom temperature.


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