Why do some people get sick before it rains? Why do some people get sick before it rains?

Why do some people get sick before it rains?

Why do some people get sick before it rains?

Dr. Sergey Chudakov points out that many people feel unwell before rain or thunderstorms.

According to him, this feeling is associated with changes in the magnetic field, humidity level and atmospheric pressure. Such weather has a strong effect on health in the presence of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

The doctor, speaking to RT, points out that the level of weather impact on health depends on the state of the autonomic nervous system. Weather sensitivity also appears in people with coronary heart disease and asthma. People with digestive problems may also feel worse. According to him, their reaction usually begins a day before the weather changes actually occur.

“The most common sign of a reaction to upcoming weather changes is worsening joint pain, because inside the joint there is a certain level of pressure, and changing external indicators in the presence of sensitivity cause increased pain,” he says.

According to him, to reduce the negative impact of weather changes on health, people with weather allergies should stay at home during these changes and not overexert themselves. It is also important to sleep on time during these periods, as well as eat light and healthy foods so that the digestive system is not harmed.

It is worth noting that doctors confirm that women, the elderly, and people suffering from chronic diseases are more sensitive to weather fluctuations, so they advise them not to smoke during these changes and not to consume alcohol, coffee, or strong tea, but rather to eat more vegetables, fruits, and leafy vegetables and to do light exercise despite poor health.


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