Interfaith Unity Organization urged not to deal with military council : Myanmar Interfaith Unity Organization urged not to deal with military council : Myanmar

Interfaith Unity Organization urged not to deal with military council : Myanmar

Interfaith Unity Organization urged not to deal with military council : Myanmar

Last June 19, Bago City, The Bishop of Win Nimmatthang Monastery and the Monk of Kan Thichwent were coming to Mandalay to attend a meeting of the Sangha.

This action of the military council was saddened by the monks and the people of Burma, and other religious groups strongly protested.

Now, in some townships in Upper Myanmar, there are street protests. Sangha organizations have issued letters of protest, and some Sangha groups are boycotting the military council in Pattanikkuzhanakan.

"The bullet that shot the abbot didn't just hit the abbot. It also hit Buddhism. There is no reason for us to accept it because it affects people of all races and religions."

Bishop U Wayama of the Multi-Religious Unity Organization urged Buddhist monks and other religious people not to deal with the military dictator.

"I'm not urging people to go out on the streets. I'm not encouraging them to go out and protest. Because no one will avoid those who are in power, there's no need for monks, monks, and novices to go out on the streets. That's why boycotting is just practicing the principle of not having relations with those people who are in power. They don't eat the school, theangan, and the medicine that the people donate, and they'll only enjoy the school, theangan, and the medicine that the countrymen donate. That's guiltless. Steal and kill and donate We all know that this is wrong, so if you apply the principle of non-relationship in accordance with the Buddha's teachings, the tyrants who are doing injustice to the country will collapse both physically and mentally, and the liberation of the people of the country will come about I respectfully appeal to the monks and monks to ask for it, and also appeal to the religious teachers of all religions.''

Butalin, Sagaing Region Chow U That's it, Sal Lingyi Tang Dam Sagaing Hmong village pig hands And monks from the townships of Myain and Pakokku in Magway also joined the strike against the military council.

god law insulting the praise of the monks, To divide monks into factions, Slandering the monks To make useless, Making it impossible to live in a permanent school, If they commit such things as not accepting bribes from the monks, they will boycott the Pattanikkuzhanakarmsong.

We will no longer accept donations from individuals and organizations that commit these acts.

U Tun Kyi, a group of ex-Islamic political prisoners, said that it is unacceptable that the abbot of Win Nim Mattatang Monastery was shot and killed because it affects not only Burmese Buddhists, but other religions as well.

''I understand that he is a monk. A real saint. Therefore, when they intentionally assassinated such a great saint, it was not only the monk who shot the monk. It also touched Buddhism. multi-religious Christian, Both the Hindu Both our Buddhism and All races There is no reason for us to accept it because it affects all religions.''

In a country with the largest number of Buddhists, Nor May, a Christian, also commented that the killing of a self-worshipping monk is a very bad act.

"Being a Buddhist country, we condemn it as a Christian. We condemn it as a human being. This kind of act is very inhumane. We don't even need to say this. They were inhumane from the beginning, but we are surprised that they are proclaiming it as a religion, and then the gods have been established. The whole world has followed suit. However, your religious leader has shot his supreme monk Can is so much that we don't even have the words to say it anymore That's why monks and nuns are like this. We threw firebombs at the monks in 2007. This time it was too much.''

U Zai, the vice-chairman of the Myanmar-Hindu Union, said that if they sit and watch the actions of the military council like this, other religions need to be careful when it will be their turn.

"In this country where Buddhism is the main religion, attacking these kinds of monks is a kind of marksmanship test as a religion. If they attacked Buddhism on purpose, they would not be reluctant to attack other religions as well. Therefore, we will remain silent about such things. If we sit and watch like this, after the turn of Buddhism, the turn of other religions will come. Therefore, we are completely against it. We absolutely condemn it. "

The Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners (AAPP) announced that 43 religious persons were killed nationwide at the hands of the Military Council during the three years of the military coup.


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