Ships issue with UAE

Ships issue with UAE

The British Maritime Trade Operations Authority announced today, Tuesday, that a Singapore-flagged merchant ship was subjected to an accident unrelated to piracy near the coast of Fujairah, UAE, in the Sea of ​​Oman, as its crew lost control, and this coincided with the loss of control of an oil tanker flying the flag of Vietnam in the region.

The British authority said, through its account on Twitter, that an accident occurred to a merchant ship about 61 nautical miles east of Fujairah.

The British authority did not indicate the nature of the accident, but it denied that it was caused by a "maritime piracy operation", and called on nearby ships to exercise more caution, without further details.

Authority does not usually refer to the ships' exposure to technical events, explaining that the Israeli ship, which was recently attacked in a nearby location, had initially reported a similar accident before the details were revealed later.

And the Quds Force channel of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards stated that an oil tanker belonging to a Singaporean company hit a sea mine near the coast of Fujairah.

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defense reported that an event unrelated to piracy had occurred near the coast of the UAE, and the Refinitiv ship tracking website reported that there was a report from a chemical tanker off the coast of Fujairah that it was leaderless.

For its part, the official Israeli channel, Kan, said that the accident occurred on a ship carrying the flag of the state of Singapore, without further details.

According to Marine Traffic, the chemical tanker "Golden Brilliant", which has been sailing since 2010 under the flag of China and then the flag of Singapore, had sailed from the Malaysian port of Klag, and that its last appearance was in the Gulf of Oman. , then became "loose to control".

Shortly after this news, Marine Traffic said that the chemical tanker had resumed moving to its destination after the engines were running.

Oil tanker

In parallel, the same website announced that the oil tanker "ABYSS", which has been flying the flag of Vietnam and has been operating for 23 years, was also exposed to a technical malfunction in the Gulf of Oman.

The website added that the tanker sailed from Malaysia towards the port of Fujairah, and that its crew had lost control of it.

The United States, Britain and Israel accuse Iran of being responsible for a recent drone attack on the Mercer Street tanker operated by an Israeli company off the coast of the Sultanate of Oman.

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