The war on Gaza violent night raids and more than 6,500 martyrs The war on Gaza violent night raids and more than 6,500 martyrs

The war on Gaza violent night raids and more than 6,500 martyrs

The war on Gaza violent night raids and more than 6,500 martyrs

For the 20th day in a row, Israeli occupation aircraft continue their intensive raids on the Gaza Strip, targeting a number of buildings, residential complexes, and government institutions, at a time when sources close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the continued bombing of buildings in Gaza facilitates the expected ground entry process.

The toll of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, according to the latest statistics of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, amounted to 6,546 martyrs and 17,439 people with various injuries.

Artillery shelling on Al-Bureij Camp and Khan Yunis Camp

Palestinian media reported that the Israeli occupation army continuously shelled Al-Bureij camp and Khan Yunis camp during the past hours. 

18 martyrs in the occupation bombing of the Al-Astal family home in Khan Yunis

Palestinian media reported that the number of martyrs following the occupation bombing of the Al-Astal family home in Khan Yunis had risen to 18. 

Two houses were demolished over the heads of their residents in central Gaza City

The Ministry of the Interior in Gaza stated that the occupation aircraft demolished two homes for the Abu Hasira and Abdul Latif families on top of their residents in Al-Nafaq Street, in the center of Gaza City, and spoke of the possibility of martyrs and injuries.

The Ministry indicated that targeting the two houses led to a large fire in a juice factory, a tire warehouse, and a number of stores and shops near the place, and that the fire was being dealt with by fire crews.

Israeli analyst: The family of the Al Jazeera correspondent in Gaza was a target of the army

The Palestinian affairs editor of the Israeli Channel 13, Zvi Yehezkeli, said that the family of Al Jazeera correspondent in the Gaza Strip, Wael Al-Dahdouh, was the target of army bombing, stressing that they know exactly what they are hitting.

Before announcing the targeting of the Dahdouh family home, the Israeli media circulated news of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s intention to personally announce the targeting of a leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

Yehezqili was speaking to the channel about this news, and said that there is no information yet about the target due to “the extent of the destruction that we see,” stressing that Hamas itself may not know what happened in the targeted places because it does not have the ability to reach or evacuate.

But the Israeli analyst confirmed that the targets being bombed are known to the army, adding, "For example, the target today was the family of the Al Jazeera correspondent."

A number of our colleague Al-Dahdouh's family were martyred, including his wife, daughter, son, and grandson, and the rest of his children were injured in a bombing that occurred on Wednesday evening, and many family members are still under the rubble.

While bidding farewell to his son Mahmoud, Al-Dahdouh considered that what happened was revenge against his children.

UN: “No place is safe in Gaza”

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in the Palestinian Territories, Lynn Hastings, warned on Thursday that “no place is safe in Gaza,” due to the focused Israeli bombing of the Strip since October 7.

Hastings confirmed in a press statement published by Agence France-Presse that the advance warnings given by the Israeli army to citizens to evacuate the areas it intends to target in the northern Gaza Strip “do not make any difference,” adding that “there is no safe place in Gaza.”

She said: "When evacuation routes are bombed, when people in the north as well as in the south are exposed to hostilities, when the basic requirements for continuity are not available, and when there is no guarantee of return, people are left with nothing but impossible options."

Hastings added that armed conflicts, wherever they are, are governed by international humanitarian law, which means that civilians must be protected and have the basic components to survive wherever they are, whether they choose to move or stay.

In non-final statistics, the Ministry of Health announced that the death toll from the ongoing Israeli occupation aggression against the Gaza Strip has risen to more than 7,000 martyrs and more than 18,000 injured since October 7.

The Gaza Strip has been subjected to a stifling siege since 2007, but the Israeli occupation government has tightened the siege on the Strip since the start of the aggression twenty days ago, to include cutting off electricity and water, and preventing the entry of basic materials and fuel.

Oxfam said in a report that Israel is using the starvation policy as a weapon of war against civilians in Gaza, and renewed its call to allow the entry of food, water, fuel and other necessities into the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to continuous aggression since October 7. The current one.

International humanitarian law strictly prohibits the use of starvation as a tool of war, and as the occupying power in Gaza, Israel is obligated under international humanitarian law to provide for the needs and protection of the people of gaza.

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