Tunisian African fans send a special message to Palestine

Tunisian African fans send a special message to Palestine

The stands of Rades Stadium in the Tunisian capital were covered with the colors of the Palestinian flag and banners of support during a match in which Club Africain defeated Club Olympique Beji 3-1 in the Tunisian Football League.
The African fans designed a distinctive “Tifo” that had never been seen before in Arab stadiums, at the moment the players entered and the match began.

"Al-Tivo" celebrated the Palestinian resistance, after it showed a person masked with the Palestinian keffiyeh, in addition to the noble verse 214 of Surat Al-Baqarah: (Indeed, God's victory is near). 

The fans lit up the atmosphere in the stadium in protest against the Israeli bombing of Gaza, expressing their solidarity and support for Gaza and the Palestinian people.

The Gaza Strip has been subjected to Israeli land, sea and air bombardment since Hamas launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 7.

Hamilton stripped of second place in the US Grand Prix

Britain's Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix after his car failed to pass post-race inspection, depriving the seven-time world champion of second place.
This controversial decision came only 4 hours after he lost to the Dutchman, Max Verstappen, by about two seconds, following a heated competition in the city of Austin, Texas.

Both cars underwent random stop checks, but Hamilton's car was declared 'unlawful' due to 'excessive wear on the skid blocks'.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who finished sixth, also suffered the same fate and was prevented from climbing to the podium.

Hamilton's exclusion means that the racer, Lando Norris, rises to second place, while Carlos Sainz takes third place.
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