Can the US and Europe unite against China's plan to build a new world order?

Can the US and Europe unite against China's plan to build a new world order?

On October 19, the "Foreign Policy" magazine published an article titled "The United States and Europe should act together on China." It was announced that Europe should act together with the United States instead of going back and forth on the China issue.

The starting point of this article is the situation after China's 3rd "Belt and Road Forum" meeting. In the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, the world is officially divided into two sides, with a number of countries centered on China and Russia and Western countries led by the United States, but Europe is still It has been shown that the United States and China are not able to balance their interests and are waiting for the situation to change.

American political analyst Mr. Anders Core believes that after the Second World War, the bipolar world order led by the United States and the Soviet Union has become the same history as the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The Western world, led by the United States, took the lead. But today, China is planning to join forces with Russia to destroy this world order and create a world where it will be an authoritarian ruler. Mr. Anders Kor said that since the 1970s, China has been trying to bring the world to its advantage, and now it has reached a high level.

 "In the 1950s, China entered the North Korean War and fought with United Nations special forces. In the 1970s, they became permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and expelled Taiwan from the organization. As China prospered and grew economically, it invested in strengthening its military. Now he wants to overthrow the old world order and replace it with his own authoritarian policies. In my opinion, the first step is to take the United Nations into its fold and make it a strong organization that listens to China and thereby achieve its goals. Because China really does not believe in democracy and human rights. "He just believes in his own strength and continues to strengthen himself."

According to the article, after taking power, President Biden, together with his allies, adopted a policy to deal with China and formed a "four-nation alliance" together with Australia, Japan and India. But Europe was less eager to join the United States because of its interests in China. Although this year, President Biden and European Commission President Ursula Wunderlin agreed on de-risking China's investment in biotechnology, semiconductor products and artificial intelligence, and announced an "economic security strategy", German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and France President Emmanuel Macron did not support this strategy.

After the United States worked to get the Netherlands to stop selling microchip (chip) equipment to China, European countries began to realize that the risks of selling high-tech products to China outweighed the benefits, even if they felt pressured by the United States.

Mr. Anders Kor believes that the goal of China's development is not to improve human rights and democracy, but to dominate the world. This has already been proven. Therefore, the United States and European countries should join forces to act against Communist China's plan to "change the world order". He said:

 "The best solution is for the United States and European countries to work together to establish a list of countries in the world that support democracy and human rights, and give these countries the best business opportunities from the American and European markets. North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries should be blacklisted, their trade should be restricted, and their business routes should be narrowed. This is the right way, and only then can we encourage those who want to enter the US-European market, which accounts for two-fifths of the world economy.

According to the article, just as the United States has not been able to completely separate itself from China economically, Europe has not yet determined the red line of its economic relationship with China. Within 10 years of China's "One Belt One Road" project, the vast majority of countries in the world are directly or indirectly connected to China's economy.

Raymond Ko, a strategy and security expert at the Rand Policy Research Institute in the United States, said that it is too early to say that China's "One Belt One Road" plan is a plan to change the world order, but the plan is related to the interests of many countries, as well as the interests of Western countries. "China will try to achieve its own economic zone and security goals through this plan," he said. This plan actually violates many principles of the international financial system. "One Belt, One Road Forum" held by China this time is the first step to renew the organizational bodies that are implementing this plan and to go to benefit.

According to the above article, the Europeans believe that "US-China relations will determine everything" and know that they are not as important to the US as China, so they are not rushing to US initiatives and have been working hard to change US-China relations. In February of last year, Russia's attack on Ukraine threatened Europe, and because China helped Russia, European countries began to distance themselves from China and get closer to the United States. However, China also took this opportunity to take Europe's veins and try to keep them away from the United States, sometimes being nice to the United States, forcing Europe to intervene. . The Western world, unable to understand China's machinations, will feed on America's attitude toward China and then determine the policy direction.

Raymond Ko said that cooperation between the United States and Europe would be the most rational way: "The United States should join forces with Europe to build a trade structure that both sides can follow, and adjust trade and investment strategies." I think they can come to a consensus on issues such as data privacy or cyber attacks as long as they strengthen oversight measures."

Currently, after the 3rd "Belt and Road Forum" international cooperation conference, it is being discussed that "the East is rising and the West is sinking", and Russia and China are following the Arab and African countries and starting preparations to build a new world order. In a situation where China and Russia are poised to change the world order, it is becoming an urgent issue for the United States and European countries to come to a consensus on trade, technology, climate and security issues surrounding China.
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