“One charge for a week” an innovative phone with “the largest battery in the world” “One charge for a week” an innovative phone with “the largest battery in the world”

“One charge for a week” an innovative phone with “the largest battery in the world”

“One charge for a week” an innovative phone with “the largest battery in the world”

The American company Energizer has unveiled a new smartphone with an advanced battery that allows it to operate for almost a full week on a single charge.

Reports claimed that the Hard Case P28K phone weighs more than half a kilogram due to the large size of the battery (the largest battery in the world).

Energizer says the phone is designed specifically for users who need a long-lasting battery, such as hikers.

While smartphones are equipped with innovative and practical batteries, they consume much more power due to the increased brightness of large screens and the number of battery-draining phone applications.

The power of the Hard Case P28K battery is about 28,000 mAh, which gives it the ability to operate continuously for 122 hours.

The device is about 3 cm thick and weighs 570 g, and it can be quickly charged within 90 minutes.

It is noteworthy that the $270 phone will go on sale in October of this year, and it does not support the 5G network.

It runs on Android 14, has 256 GB of storage space, good quality front and rear cameras, and a 6.78-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

"Magic capsule" Honor offers the feature of controlling the phone by looking only!

The giant Chinese phone company Honor has unveiled a new eye-tracking feature powered by artificial intelligence, which can detect where the user is looking on the phone screen.

The feature called “Magic Capsule”, which will soon be available on the new Magic 6 Pro, can distinguish between a quick and deliberate look so that the phone performs the desired action without you having to touch it.

Eye tracking technology uses the phone's camera to monitor where the user is looking.

Honor says the new Magic Capsule technology can not only monitor the user's gaze, but also "determine intent."

Users need to calibrate their gaze, similar to setting up a fingerprint, by staring at different points on the screen. Once setup is complete, the AI ​​can detect where a person is looking from a distance of between 20cm and 50cm.

To show 'intent', the user needs to keep looking at the place for 1.8 seconds.

In a demo during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Honor demonstrated how users can answer or reject a call, open text messages, or stop a timer with a quick glance at the screen.

Industry expert Paolo Pescatore said: “All Asian vendors are frantically trying to differentiate their devices compared to competing devices with eye tracking features. A smartly designed feature should help it stand out in the crowded market. This is an area that will see a lot of innovations in order to improve the user experience from Through gestures, eyes and movement!

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