Myanmar : NUG says it will help those affected by forced recruitment Myanmar : NUG says it will help those affected by forced recruitment

Myanmar : NUG says it will help those affected by forced recruitment

Myanmar : NUG says it will help those affected by forced recruitment

The National Unity Government (NUG) announced on March 30 that it was helping those affected by forced conscription on March 30, the day after the military council began convening the first round of military training under the conscription law.

He said that a public affairs service Telegram channel has been opened and services are being provided, and that people can contact NUG through that channel and ask for advice.

National Unity Government (NUG) Prime Minister's Office spokesperson U Ne Boon Lat said that people who want to escape to the liberated areas will be connected with ethnic groups.

"We are currently making a list of those who want to escape to the liberated area. We will meet and coordinate with the ethnic resistance forces shortly. The conditions of the ethnic revolutionary forces are acceptable, We will connect with NUG and assist them with the plans they have planned."

He said that within 6 hours of opening the Telegram channel, 2,000 people had joined. It has been announced that NUG's Public Affairs Telegram channel will be available daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

In addition to giving advice to those who contact them, U Ne Boorn Lat said that they will connect with the relevant ministries of NUG and help them.

Meanwhile, the NUG has been criticized for being slow to respond to the military conscription law and the forced recruitment of soldiers by the military council, but yesterday's announcement that the NUG has begun to help is welcome.

"Good business is never late." This is the right thing to do. We must help the people as much as possible. must be kept. It is the government's responsibility to do so. Mainly, in order to win the war, when such a great opportunity arises, we need to be able to use it in order to win the war, just as the enemy uses it."

I heard Advocate U Gyi Myint's opinion.

After the Military Council applied the Militia Conscription Law, Rohingyas who are not recognized as citizens are also being forced to serve in the military. Rohingya rights activist Rone San Lwin said that when the NUG helps, the Rohingyas prefer to have safe refuge in Burma rather than having to flee to Bangladesh.

"For those who have been forced and arrested to flee to Bangladesh, I don't think this is a good way to go. Because people had to flee like that. six years We don't really like that option because it's been seven years and we can't go back. There is no need to join the army if you have a safe and secure refuge in this. That is quite important. That's what we want."

According to the Militia Conscription Law enacted on February 10 this year, the Military Council announced that five thousand men would be called up for military service at a time starting at the end of April, but Yangon Region, Mandalay Division A month earlier in Magway and Nay Pyi Taw council areas, young people were recruited for military training starting on March 29.

According to this law, the military council announced that if you fail to be called up for military service, you will be punished with up to five years in prison.

Political observers note that the conscription law and the military council are intended to recruit soldiers and use them as human shields on the battlefield or as security for the upcoming 2025 elections.


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